Inside Her Suitcase: Samantha Brown's Must-Haves For A Romantic Getaway

by Juliane Huang Feb 10, 2009

With over 10 years’ experience as a travel show host, Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown has packing down to an exact science.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Brown

For Valentine’s Day, Brown has generously opened up her suitcase to share her recommendations for traveling lovebirds.

1. Ugg Boots: Put these on and instantly relax. A long lazy morning could easily stretch into the afternoon.

2. A scented candle to create the mood.

3. Games: Uno, Boggle, Bananagrams, etc. There are also romantic board games. One of my favorites is a game called “Getting to Know you…better.”

4. Edible clothing: Hey it’s one way to lighten your luggage for your return trip.

5. Room wine: Bring glassware and a wine opener.

6. A small picnic basket or backpack: Order take-out and bring it back to your room. After dinner activities are at your discretion.

7. Favorite movies that you and your honey love snuggling up to.

8. Antacid: There’s an ugly side to romance and that includes heartburn, indigestion, or unexpected lactose intolerance brought upon by rich foods, dessert, and wine. You definitely need to have a back-up plan.

And Brown mentions one must-not: “Your addiction to technology.”

“Turn off your Blackberry and make a commitment to one another that you’ll both check your email or messages only at an agreed upon time. The rest of the trip should be focused on each other.”

Samantha’s All-Time Favorite Must-Have: Earl Grey Creme Flavored Black Tea

“[On my travels] I always bring this tea and my own porcelain tea cup,” Brown told Matador. “No matter where I go, I have to start my day with a hot cup of tea.”



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