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5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

by Juliane Huang May 7, 2009
There are other options beyond flowers and cards, you know.

Annually, sons and daughters of varying ages and melanin deficiencies empty their wallets in feeble, yet fragrant attempts to show gratitude for the women who bore them.

After the interminable years of giving overpriced flowers and mass-produced cards, it might be nice to offer the matriarchs of our hearts something a bit different this time around.

Well, dear filial offspring, you’re in luck because Matador has rounded up some creative gift ideas for Mom this May 10th!

Grab your plastic and let’s get this show on the road:

What better way to support the woman who carried you for nine swollen months than by giving her the gift of empowering other women around the world?

United in maternity, many women have extended a financial hand to their transatlantic sisters, helping them gradually achieve economic independence through micro-lending.

Start a loan for mommy dearest and connect her to good karma and entrepreneurs in developing countries.

For more information and how to get involved, head on over to the Kiva website.


Beautiful, functional, and so completely Zen, the Sorapot is the most modern teapot a trend-setting son or daughter could purchase for Mother’s Day.

Made of stainless steel and pyrex, the sorapot allows brewers to watch tea leaves slowly unfurl in its clear, central glass tube while making just enough tea for your mother and her best friend.

Sorapots can be acquired directly through their website.

Adopt A Highway

What do moms like more than knowing that their children love them? Showing off to the neighbors just how much their children love them.

And what’s more showy than a conspicuous sign off the side of the road that Mommy drives down most?

Let the bragging rights begin. If you think this is too cheesy, I refer you back to the swirly script on the Mother’s Day card you delivered last year written and designed by Hallmark.

I thought so.

Click here for more information. Sign pricing and size depends on each market.

Inglesina Fast Chair

For the young moms out there who still want to be out and about, the Inglesina Fast Chair is a portable high chair that latches on to the edge of any table and supports up to 33 adorable baby pounds.

Super compact, the chair can be easily carried around and hooked on to tables in restaurants and host family dining rooms alike.

It’s the perfect travel gear for a jet-setting momma! Inglesina Fast Chairs can be purchased through stores such as Currant Baby & Mommy.

Currant Baby & Mommy
289 E. Green Street A110
Pasadena, CA 91101
(T) 626-577-7005, (F) 626-577-7006

Family Tree

Let Mom discover her family’s history through genealogy services such as You will be not only giving a truly awesome gift, but also showing Mom just how important family is to you. Across the board, moms love that stuff.

Break out the tissues and let the self-discovery begin!

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