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10 Instagram Accounts (That Aren't All Selfies) You Should Follow in 2017

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by Nicole Sunderland Jan 2, 2017

Every year people pick their favorite Instagram accounts to follow based on whatever criteria they see fit. I noticed this year there was a big trend in females traveling for the sake of taking photos in front of fields, floors, walls, doors, pools, any landmark — and in long gowns, flowing dresses, bikinis or with big floppy hats on. But travel is more than filling your Instagram feed with picture perfect photos of oneself. I do love a lot of these accounts, but I also enjoy travel accounts that travel and take photos of things other than themselves.

I hope in 2017 we get back to traveling for the culture, the history, the food — the experience.

I never post photos of myself and the real truth is that my time is limited in each place I visit and I like to take advantage of that time wisely. If I had to spend 2 hours making sure my long hair was blown out and then straightened and made perfect, followed by full make-up, perfectly pressed clothing options, and finding someone to take 500 photos of me just to pick 1 for my Instagram — I would waste an entire day doing so. I am not cut out for that life — I am a “wash and go” girl.

These are my favorite travel accounts to follow that focus on architecture, food, landscapes, views and hues.

Jason Hobart

Jason does a lot of work with his drone shots and long exposure on his camera. All his work is phenomenal. His account gives me all the wanderlust to travel AND to improve my photography skills.

Kyle Mijlof

Une photo publiée par Kyle Mijlof (@mijlof) le

Kyle has been around the globe and produces a lot of magical sunsets and sky magic in his work. He does occasionally post a photo of himself but his feed is about 98% epic sunsets and landscapes.

Russell Pearson

I first found Russell when he was photographing Iceland and I fell in love with his work. He actually inspired me to return to Iceland this coming January. His work is a lot of beautiful landscapes, culture, and some mixed photos of his love.

Daniel Noll

Beautiful sunsets, photographs of local culture, experiencing culture norms and finding beauty in the landscapes of countries visited.

Nicki Sunderland

Luxury traveler and foodie with a mix of landscapes, sunsets, and popular attractions.

Andy Yeung

His page is exploding with hues of Asia. Artfully crafting each photo with long exposures, vivid night photography, or even soft hues — Andy is bringing out the best in Asia with his photography skills.

Chris Schmid

Prepare your eyes for a wildlife adventure. Scrolling his feed is like being transported right into the wild with these beautiful animals. From polar ice caps to the wild land of Kenya, it will be easy to fall in love with his captures of these beautiful beasts around the globe.


One look at her account and you are calling your travel agent to book you a ticket to anywhere. Her account is full of amazing buildings and is a beautiful work of architectural photography.


Nathans feed is full of food, art, and architecture. He spends his time roaming the globe finding the best foodie spots and capturing ordinary things to showcase how beautiful they really are.


This account is a re-post account well curated of food around the globe. Don’t go to this page hungry! Not only does the food look incredible, but the restaurants and locations are just as desirable.

Feature image: Russell Pearson

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