16 Female Instagrammers Who Keep It Real

by Hannah Logan Apr 20, 2016

Instagram is a favourite among those in the travel community. Its an easy way to share your epic travel moments and you can spend hours scrolling though wanderlust-worthy photos filled with inspiration for your next adventures.

But all too quickly those awe-inspiring moments and memories have been swapped for photo-shoot type material. Travellers are starting to look more like models than adventurers and the scenery, once the focus, is now just an artistic backdrop. Sure, these photos are beautiful and often very artistic and creative. But they have taken away from what it really means to travel and live an adventure; to be proud to show off your experience and not just your looks.

If you are more interested in the places themselves and the feelings you get from being there rather than lessons on how to pose perfectly, then you should check out these female adventurers. They usually spend more time behind the lens than in front of it, but when they do appear in their photos there’s no over-the-top posing.

Alice Teacake (@teacaketravels)

A ballsy English girl, Alice has been working and travelling around Asia solo since 2012. She’s currently in china working on her ninja skills and will soon be taking part in the 2016 Mongol Rally as part of an all female team, team #WeLive, who will be documenting women’s rights as they go.

Karisa Klee (@flirtingwiththeglobe)

Full-time attorney, part time adventuress, Karisa is an all-star travel girl. She may not constantly be on the road, but when she is her stunning landscape and cityscape photos are enough to make anyone jealous of her lifestyle.

Christine (@dontforget2move)

Christine is the female half of the blogging couple behind Don’t Forget To Move; a duo proudly promoting adventure travel and eco tourism. This feed is bright and colourful, often featuring animals, locals, and beautiful scenery.

Richelle (@adventuresaroundasia)

Living abroad in China, Richelle has spent the past couple of years navigating her way around Asia. Her gallery is filled with cityscapes, drool-worthy street food, and beautiful nature. She’s not a regular feature in her photos, but when she is, the happiness on her face usually makes you wish you were right there with her.

Jessica Elliott (@Jess_ismore)

An American woman and solo female traveller on a non-stop journey to travel to every country in the world, Jessica Elliott is a woman on a mission which makes for awesome photo material.

Karina (@WisdomTrails)

Karina and partner April are two Canadians living the nomad life. After spending a couple of years in Central America the girls are now exploring everything Asia has to offer. Their feed shows all the best aspects of travel from meeting locals, to trying new foods, relaxing in beautiful places, and trying things for the first time. Plus they aren’t afraid to be goofy which just makes following them even more fun.

A photo posted by Karina (@wisdom_trails) on

Oneika (@oneikatraveller)

An expat currently based in Hong Kong, Oneika has been to 88 countries and some of the most incredible places in the world. Her photos are fun and she frequently appears in them with a happy grin.

A photo posted by @oneikatraveller on

Manouk (@Manoukbob)

This Dutch girl is currently on what she refers to as BoB’s epic adventure. BoB stands for her blog; Bunch of Backpackers, and her epic adventure is taking her across southern Africa and the Silk Road. From being wet and windblown at Victoria Falls to admiring the view from a cliff top in Sri Lanka, there’s no doubt that Manouk’s focus is her adventures.

Anna (@slightlyastray)

A total foodie and self-described glutton, Anna has been successfully eating (and exploring) her way around the world for over two years. From South America to Europe to Asia her gallery is stocked full of delicious-looking meals and sweets and the occasional travel-inspired sketch. Photos of herself are somewhat of a rarity but she pops them in every now and then to remind everyone that she’s still alive and having an amazing time.

A photo posted by Anna (@slightlyastray) on

Hayley Griffiths (@alifeofmore)

Recently home after a year of travel, Hayley’s motto is simple: Travel Often. Live Simply. Be Happy.

Sarah Gallo (@thefivefoottraveler)

This New York native recently set foot on her seventh continents and has explored over 55 coutries. From acting out LOTR scenes with her brother in New Zealand to volcano boarding in green jumpsuits and googles in Nicaragua, this girl isn’t afraid to get dirty in the name of adventure.

Cailin (@CailinONeil)

Cailin is probably best known for her travel videos, but she’s got a pretty inspiring instagram account as well. Her gallery is full of yummy eats, adorable animals, and pretty places from around the world.

Laurel (@Laurel_Robbins)

Adventure traveller, hiker, and nature lover, Laurel has a beautiful gallery full of inspiration for fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Robyn Hartzell (@RobynAroundTheWorld)

A killer instagram gallery. From photographing the Yee Ping festival and elephants in Thailand to all kinds of amazing sea creatures while diving in Indonesia, Robyn has captured amazing things.

Lauren (@JustinPlusLauren)

Lauren is the female half behind the vegan travel Justin Plus Lauren. You can expect lots of photos of food and sights from her hometown of Toronto and other parts of Canada, as well as amazing photos from a volunteer trip she took in Africa, and fun beach shots from the Caribbean.

Indi-Hannah Jones (@hannahlogan21)

As someone who’s life goal is to be as cool as Indiana Jones, I don’t have the time or the want to try to look as pretty as possible. My adventures include scuba diving, exploring temples, and climbing the highest points for the best views. Messy hair is my thing, but it’s always accompanied with a smile. In fact, the ridiculous grin that is plastered on my face for nearly every photo is always there, even when my back is facing the camera.

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