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10 Female Travelers Who Don’t Let Their Curves Get in the Way of Adventure

by Hannah Logan Dec 19, 2016

The most popular travel-related Instagram accounts tend to have one thing in common: skinny, bikini-perfect, female bodies gracing wanderlust-worthy landscapes.

I love these adventurous women and follow most of them as avidly as everyone else. But it does give to a stereotype; an idea that travel is for skinny people. The idea that fat people don’t travel. Or worse: fat people can’t travel.

As a travel blogger, I see heartbreaking comments on a regular basis from women who don’t feel like they can go to the beach or pool, women who are uncomfortable travelling to tropical countries for fear of wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, women who have been fat shamed on airplanes, etc. The way these women are made to feel is disgusting. Especially because it’s not true. Travel is for everyone, no matter your size or body shape.

In an effort to shed some light on body positivity, here are ten amazing and adventurous women whose bodies don’t fit the typical ‘mold’. These women’s thighs touch and they have a bit more junk in the trunk, but that doesn’t get in their way of taking on the world, in all of their curvy glory.

1. Francesca (@FrankiegoestoMilano)

A Scottish expat and teacher living in Italy. She is based in Milan and uses her Instagram account to feature beautiful Italy and other places nearby.

2. Veera Bianca (@veerabianca)

A Finnish girl who fell in love with travel early on. Veera Bianca runs her own business allowing her to see and explore as much of the world as possible.

3. Bianca (@itsallbee)

A Zambian born and raised adventure girl, Bianca (Bee) currently lives and works in London but takes off in search of adventures and cultural travel as much as possible.

4. Mirza (@Mirzaslg)

Une photo publiée par Mirza (@mirzaslg) le

An ambitious young Mexican woman who travels as a freelancer and translator. She’s currently exploring India.

5. Megsy (@FoodFunTravel.Rocks)

One half of a power couple travel duo, Megsy is a digital nomad in search of the ultimate foodie experiences around the globe.

6. Tegan (@TheTravelCurve)

A plus-size model for a Canadian travel fashion line. She currently lives in France and travels through Canada and Europe.

7. Taylor (@Taylorstracks)

Millennial budget backpacker, Taylor just spent several months in Asia and is getting ready to move from Canada to Australia to pursue more adventures.

8. Jess (@Jess_ismore)

A woman on a mission, Jess is on her way to visiting every country in the world. She’s nearly two years in and has had some of the most incredible experiences in remote places.

9. Amy (@Twodriftersxo)

An American girl who met her husband in a Scottish hostel. Newly married, they are now taking on the world together.

10. Hannah (@hannahlogan21)

Yes, that’s me: a curvy Canadian girl and avid scuba diver who dreams of one day being as cool as Indiana Jones. I’m always searching for the best adventures around the globe.

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