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10 Reasons I'm Proud to Call Oregon Home

by Michelle DeVona Dec 31, 2016

1. It has Portland, the place where misfits and weirdos seemly congregate.

Portland has a reputation for everything bizarre. From cereal-topped doughnuts to vegan strip clubs, to the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium, there’s truly something for everyone. Besides, where else can you find a unicycling bagpiper who dons a Darth Vader mask?

2. Columbia River Gorge.

The wild natural scene of the Columbia River Gorge is pretty much an enclave for anyone who seeks adventure. Just hike a few miles on a number of trails and it’s not long before you run into mossy forest and waterfalls. The rainforest-like conditions keep the area green and vibrant, which makes for some jaw-dropping trails.

3. We’re the number two hop growing state after Washington.

Oregon takes pride in brewing such fine concoctions like Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Deschutes Fresh Squeezed. There are over 200 brewing companies in Oregon, so let’s just say that our state isn’t shy when it comes to beer drinking.

4. Our Pinot Noir is off the hook.

Sure, California may hog most of the attention when it comes to wine, but Oregon has also made a name for itself as a breeding ground for grape harvesting, in particular, our Pinot Noir, the poster child of Oregon wines. The Willamette Valley has been a wine region for 50 years, and for good reason. Just take a swig of Big Table Farm’s Pinot Noir, or any bottle in the area really, and you’ll see what we are talking about.

5. Crater Lake.

Crater Lake is Oregon’s only National Park and just so happens to be the deepest lake in the United States. Located in Southern Oregon, there’s ample hiking, backpacking, and camping to be had in summer months. In fact, the reason it’s so blue is because it is so pristine, fed almost entirely of rain and snow.

6. Boring is the name of an actual place.

An unincorporated community in Oregon, we love it that this exists on our map. Word is, it really is kind of boring.

7. The Goonies was filmed here.

A visit to Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach should conjure some childhood memories of the classic 80s film. The Goonies House in Astoria used to be a major attraction for Goonies aficionados but the owner then decided to close it off to tourists. However, you can stop in the Clatstop County Jail, now the Oregon Film Museum, which was also featured in the movie.

8. Oregon has so much more than awesome Portland.

Yeah, Portland gets most of the attention from the media and tourists, but Oregonians also love all the small towns, like Ashland and Hood River to name a few. The town of Jacksonville, once a hot spot during the days of the gold rush, is now a National Historic Landmark.

9. You can go surfing and snowboarding all in same day.

The diverse landscape provides opportunity for a range of outdoor activities, often in the same day. Which is why it is not strange to see vehicles strapped with a surfboard and a snowboard cruising between the coast and Mount Hood.

10. We have so many scenic roads it’s insane.

There is no need to venture too far anywhere in Oregon if you’re in search of beautiful surroundings for an unforgettable road trip. It would probably takes years to drive around all the curvy mountain roads, desert canyons, and rugged coastline.

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