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10 Reasons Why I'm Proud to Call Texas Home

by Turner Wright Dec 20, 2016

1. Texans are an open people.

If Europeans generally believe Americans are better conversationalists by being more willing to get personal quickly, then a sit-down with Texans must be off the scales by their standards. Not only do we quickly identity and connect with other Texans abroad, swapping stories of barbecue eaten and traffic in distant lands, but we still have that aspect of southern hospitality working for us: charming and friendly.

2. Stargazing at McDonald Observatory.

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3. Austin’s cultural scene.

The capital of Texas has a reputation around the globe, and not for the typical stereotypes you think of when you hear about the Lone Star State. As the live music capital of the world, the city hosts up and coming bands and brings professionals together for SXSW, South by Southwest. Many films have been produced in central Texas, from Hope Floats, Secondhand Lions, Death Proof, and of course Friday Night Lights. However, even these are a bit too mainstream for a city like Austin; weirdness is part of its lifeblood.

4. Jumping into Hamilton Pool on a summer day.

5. We’re always ready for some football.

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, Texans know how celebrate Sunday: grab a cold beer, park yourself on the couch, and watch the Cowboys dominate. Or the Longhorns, Red Raiders, Aggies… there might even be a few Cougars fans out there somewhere. Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll learn to fake it to keep your friends.

6. Palo Duro Canyon.

7. We teach our history.

Children taught in Texas public schools can tell you the state flower is a bluebonnet, the motto is Friendship (but in practice, it’s “Don’t Mess with Texas”), and the first President of the Republic of Texas was Sam Houston. University courses offer Texas history side by side with American history. We may not know about Shays Rebellion, but we can name the people who died at the Alamo.

8. Fields of bluebonnets.

9. We’ve influenced America more than any other state.

Maybe not, but claims like that are what make us Texans! We got Neil Armstrong to the moon from mission control in Houston. We discovered vast amounts of oil at the turn of the 20th century. JFK was assassinated in the streets of Dallas. We’re responsible for three presidents. Where would the US be without the great state of Texas?

10. Capitol Building at night.

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