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10 Reasons I Am Proud to Call California Home

by Julia Kitlinski-Hong Mar 3, 2017

1. We embrace an easygoing lifestyle.

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Spending the morning at the beach and then joining friends for some fish tacos and beers later on sounds like a perfect day to us. Californians are happiest when we spend our days with no agenda but to enjoy ourselves. A spontaneous camping trip or an impromptu trip to the mountains to ski? Bring it on.

2. Being spoiled by nature.

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From the majestic mountains of Yosemite to the stunning dessert prairies of Joshua Tree, there is a lot of natural beauty in California to be grateful for. Not only are there plenty of regional and state parks at our doorsteps, but the diversity of the landscape from the mountains to the beaches are something we will never take for granted.

3. We have a unique history.

From the Gold Rush to the Spanish Missionaries, our state’s history has many fascinating stories to fill the history books. California may be young, but it definitely has its tales to tell. Even in recent history, from the LA riots to the 1970s hippie movement, there has never been a dull moment in our state.

4. We embrace creativity.

Here in California, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your creative side, from the entertainment industry in Los Angeles to Silicon Valley in the Bay Area. Not to mention the vibrant art communities that are thriving in cities from Venice to Oakland.

5. We have a solid University system.

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The UCs as we fondly call the University of California schools has a wide range of excellent higher education opportunities to choose from. From top choices like UC Berkeley to UCLA, to quality schools like UC Santa Cruz or UC Irvine, there are plenty of chances to get a world-class education in California, with a price tag that is half the cost of a private institution for us who live in state.

6. We have great beer and wine.

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We Californians are spoiled when it comes to local wine and craft beer choices. From Sonoma to Santa Barbara, there are plenty of Chardonnays and Pinots to keep wine lovers happy for days. The beer scene does not skimp either with craft brew options like Sierra Nevada and Anchor Steam.

7. We are an open-minded bunch.

From showing support of same sex marriage to protesting immigration rights, California is a great place to be yourself, no matter your race, religion or sexual orientation. It is hard to define who is a Californian, because we are all so different and proud of that fact.

8. We have great year-round weather.

From mild winters without snow, to warm to hot summer weather san humidity, we know not to take our weather for granted. In February, we can go to the beach or up to the mountains to ski – not a bad choice to have.

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9. Food from every corner of the globe.

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Mexican, Japanese, Peruvian and Afghani food are only a few of a long list of global cuisines you can find around California. If you are craving a certain food from another country you will most likely be able to find it in a restaurant or find the ingredients in a local market if you want to cook it yourself.

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10. A good balance of rural and urban landscapes.

California may be known for its beaches and cities, but there is also plenty of farmland that provides significant crops for the state and country. This means you can live in the city, but have access to fresh produce every day of the year. Not a bad deal.

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