The Hawaiian islands are home to some of the country’s most beautiful and challenging hikes. From low-key trails through forests to ridge climbs that offer 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, here’s our collection of the best hiking trails in Hawaii.

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Crouching Lion

 Crouching LionKaneohe, United States4 mile roundtrip hike up 2000 feet to this beautiful lookout point. #hiking

Pillbox Hike

 Pillbox HikeKailua, United StatesShort hike up to a great viewpoint near Lanikai, Hawaii. #hiking

Lulumahu Falls

 Lulumahu FallsHonolulu, United StatesOne of the best #waterfall #hiking in #hawaii

Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park

 Nāpali Coast State Wilderness ParkKapaa, United States#hiking #camping

Ke’e Beach

 Ke’e BeachKapaa, United StatesThis is a long hike that we were not prepared for. We only made it to the beach but there’s a lot more.

Kalalau Trail

 Kalalau TrailKapaa, United StatesOne of the most beautiful treks on the islands & perhaps the world over. Amazing Pacific Ocean panoramic views around every valley corner. Go the full 11 miles or cut the hike in-half & tent up @ mile 6. A true delight!

Sleeping Giant Trail Head

 Sleeping Giant Trail HeadKapaa, United StatesSleeping giant great hike – lovely views and cool breeze at the top!

Haleakalā National Park

 Haleakalā National ParkKula, United StatesFollow the Pipiwai Trail once you get to the end of the Hana highway. It is about a 1 mile hike that will take you to the bamboo forest. #hiking #forest #outdoors

Pololu Valley

 Pololu ValleyKapaau, United StatesOne of the most beautiful valleys on earth. The place is insane! #hiking #hawaii #aloha

Kalapana State Wayside Park

 Kalapana State Wayside ParkPāhoa, United StatesUnreal experience to watch the lava flow off the cliff and into the ocean. Conditions and exact location of the flow are constantly changing but just head to the end of the road from Pahoa towards Kalapana and you can’t miss it. We rented bikes for the 4-5 mile ride in (9 miles round trip) to make it a bit quicker but plenty of people hike in along the road. #hawaii #lava

Seven Sacred Pools Trail

 Seven Sacred Pools TrailHana, United StatesExploring bamboo forests.