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12 Things We Brits Miss the Most When We're Abroad

United Kingdom
by Kathy Saunders Sep 17, 2015

1. Sunday roast with proper gravy.

Do other countries even know what proper gravy is?

2. Driving on the left

3. The seaside

The best chippies, and the ice cream is always better there, too, even if it’s blowing a gale and you end up with sand in your 99 Flake.

4. HP Sauce

5. Weatherspoons

You can double up a gin and tonic for a quid or get a whole pitcher of Blue Lagoon for less than a tenner at ‘spoons.

6. Pubs

If one thing is guaranteed to induce a bout of homesickness, it’s sitting in some quaint European bar with a pint of flat Belgian lager. British pubs are just better. On a school night, you can pop in for a quick pint (or four) of real ale, and run into a few of your favorite drinking buddies, without verifying their whereabouts on Facebook first, all before the 10 o’clock news starts.

7. The beeb

From 50 years of Doctor Who to The Great British Bake Off, the beeb is unbeatable. Go home, ITV.

8. Greggs

While probably not quite up to Mary Berry’s standards, they have some mighty fine pasties and steak bakes with nary a soggy bottom in sight.

9. Fish and chips

Maybe it’s the grease, or the smell of salt and vinegar soaking into the paper, but nothing is as satisfying as fish and chips when you’re ravenous, ideally with curry sauce on the side. No one really knows what’s in the curry sauce, all we know is that we like it. And for anyone who doesn’t, there’s always mushy peas, which often look like old snot, but no matter, chip shop rules are different to normal rules so it’s perfectly acceptable to eat them.

10. The weather

We might moan about the rain, but secretly, we love it. Our weather is so fantastically boring and consistent, we always know what to expect and could probably whinge about it in advance.

11. Breakfast

Greasy fry-ups are probably the most effective hangover cures on Earth.

12. PG Tips

Maybe it’s the pyramid-shaped teabags, or possibly the TV ads with Monkey but way we can’t get enough of the stuff.

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