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14 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Vermont

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by Alyssa Kropp Jul 10, 2014
1. You refuse to use fake maple syrup.

In fact, you don’t even call it maple syrup. It’s “the fake stuff” or “the maple impostor,” or occasionally something more crude. Plus, Aunt Jemima ain’t got nothing on your neighbor’s syrup.

2. Flannel isn’t a fashion statement — it’s a necessity.

It gets cold here. You’re not buying the trendy flannel that hipsters pay $100 for — you’re going straight to your local outdoor store and getting something with lining that will help during the below-zero temps.

3. You don’t say “Vermont.” Or “mountains.”

Instead, you say something that sounds like “Vermawn” and “the mounains.” There are no T’s in your dialect.

4. You have multiple years of ski passes on your winter jacket.

You grew up on the mountain. You’ve spent days carving down Mad River, Jay Peak, Snow Mountain. We all know if you’re in Vermont and it’s snowing, you’re at the mountain.

5. You know what a creemee is and that it’s the best summer treat.

The name may be weird, but you’ll never turn down a maple-black-raspberry twist. Never.

6. You know what leaf peepers are.

And you get annoyed when they stop in the middle of the road to take pictures.

7. You grew up with or around farmers, and your parents have been buying produce from them for years.

You probably saw that Thanksgiving turkey on their farm, too.

8. You know that although the weatherman may try, he’s never right.

Rain one minute, hot and sunny the next? Golf-ball sized hail? Just your average Thursday.

9. Mud season is its own season.

They left this out of the 2nd-grade textbooks, but boy do you know it’s true.

10. 802 is your mantra.

It’s highly represented in your phone, on your snowboard, and on t-shirts in your closet. You haven’t changed your phone number even if you’ve moved away, because there’s a strange need to keep those first three digits.

11. You can count on your hands how many snow days you had in school.

Because Vermonters aren’t scared of three feet of snow.

12. Your friends call you a hippie…

No matter if you subscribe to the flower child ways or not.

13. You know your neighbors, their family, and everyone at the grocery store.

It’s hard to just pop in and buy milk when everyone wants to say hi.

14. Ben & Jerry’s is king.

It’s also a go-to while traveling, and you know and love at least one flavor from their graveyard.

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