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15 Reasons Why We Should All Be Moving to Texas Right Now

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by Turner Wright Jan 30, 2017

1. You don’t have to travel to experience all four seasons.

No, really. Texas is one of the few places where residents have the pleasure of enjoying a bitterly cold and icy morning, leaves falling and rising temperatures midday, a balmy afternoon, and an evening worthy of relaxing on the porch with a cold one.

2. We’ve got all all the ecosystems.

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Well, as many as nature can cram into a massive state like Texas. East Texas boasts the wetlands and bayous, North Texas the prairies and green fields, West Texas mountains, canyons, and desert, and South Texas the tropics.

3. We don’t pay state income tax.

All those annoying forms residents of most states have to fill out in April? Cut them in half, and keep some of your money. Deep in the heart of Texas!

4. Our BBQ garners worldwide attention.

You don’t have to visit Cooper’s in Llano to experience smoked meat better than any you’ve ever tasted. Texas BBQ is bigger, juicier, and tastier no matter where you get it.

5. Hill country provides the best vacations.

Where else can you hike Enchanted Rock, soak in Krause Springs, experience the history of Fredericksburg, and finish the day with a Texas-sized steak?

6. We’ll keep you entertained with football.

The Longhorns, Cowboys, Red Raiders, and even Aggies have fans all across the Lone Star State. Just be sure to set some time aside on Sunday to kick back with your friends and yell at announcers who can’t hear you.

7. Warm summer nights.

Why spend a June in San Francisco freezing to death when you can walk outside around Austin in shorts and a T-shirt without a care in the world?

8. Come for the music, stay for the weirdness.

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Austin should be Texas’ own theme park with everything that goes on: live music and entertainment at festivals like SXSW and Austin City Limits, with local bands keeping the energy up on 6th Street the rest of the year. Just walking down South Congress is an exploration in how crazy human expression can be.

9. Once you’re here, you’re welcome.

So you were born in New Jersey. It happens. We forgive you. Now don’t ever leave.

10. We have all kinds of natural waters.

There are many ways to escape the summer heat: floating the Brazos River with a six-pack of Shiner and your friends. Jumping underneath the waterfall at Hamilton Pool. Fishing at Caddo Lake. Even soaking up the sun as close to Mexico as South Padre Island is still considered Texan.

11. We know how to get you up in the morning.

Hint: it’s not about the beautiful sunrises in West Texas or the beautiful people you may or may not have invited home. The solution to waking up in the Lone Star State isn’t the coffee or the promise of exploring the greatest state in the country. Two words: breakfast tacos. No one else can do it like Texas.

12. You can experience Czech culture.

You don’t have to fly all the way to Prague to see what eastern Europeans are up to. Texas had a fairly large Czech population, and many of their descendants reside in West, home to some of the best kolaches the world has seen.

13. Our language skills rub off on you.

“Git ‘r done” is all I have to say.

14. We’re greener than you think.

Our western regions may produce millions of barrels of black gold and Houston is infamous for refining the stuff, but Texas leads the US in wind power produced, responsible for 10% of the state’s energy.

15. Doesn’t moving to Texas just feel right?

There doesn’t have to be any particular reason to move here. It could be because we’re the biggest of the Lower 48 and one of the largest GDPs in the US. Maybe you like the down-home folksy vibe you hear is common among Texans. Or better recognition – who raises their eyebrows when you mention you’re from Nebraska?

In the end, only one thing matters to prospective residents of the Lone Star State: once you’re here, you’re one of us. Now don’t mess with Texas.

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