17 Little Pleasures Mexicans Enjoy in Europe

by Rodrigo Macías Jan 11, 2016
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1. The sex appeal you don’t have in Mexico.

2. Knowing exactly when your bus is going to arrive.

3. Those big fat magical drapes that allow you to sleep in total darkness. Any time can be naptime!

4. Never running out of water in the shower and being forced to shout: “¡La bomba por favor!” while your soaped butt freezes.

5. Never having to carry those heavy garrafones of water so you can hydrate yourself. Thank you, tap water!

6. Making instant friends with any other Mexican you stumble upon. Rich? Poor? Hard working? Lazy? Who cares! We’re all compadres and comadres!

7. Reviving one of your childhood dreams and …snowball fight!

8. The amazing bread (the savory one of course… nothing beats our pan dulce).

9. Taking a shower without having to turn on the boiler first.

10. Letting your latin blood do its job and looking like a professional dancer of salsa, cumbia or any other latin rhythm.

11. Walking around the streets and admiring the little houses just like the ones you saw in the fairytales, toys, and cartoons from your childhood.

12. Traveling by train!

13. The police force.

14. Your bad English generating positive reactions. Would you think badly of an Anglo-speaking European that can’t pronounce: ¿Mi quesadilla con huitlacoche por favor?

15. Using strong Spanish curse words that you would never say in front of your santa madre and not be seen as “vulgar”, but rather as: “demonstrative of Mexican folklore”.

16. Not having to say hello/goodbye individually to every single person in the room.

17. Beer, beer, and beer. And if you’re short of money… wine!

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