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18 Things You Miss When Oktoberfest Is Over

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by Ashley Smith Oct 31, 2016

1. Wearing an apron as a fashion accessory.

…And why isn’t this the norm?

2. Throwing a kegger with 10,000 of your closest friends.

3. The fact that no one’s going to judge you for loving polka.

4. Pretzels.

And all the other foods that are bigger than your face.

5. Throwing food is socially acceptable.

And expected.

6. The thousands of people cheering you on while you chug a beer.

It really helps with your success rate.

7. How people come together to encourage you to drink beer first thing in the morning.

8. And reasonably-sized beers at that.

None of that “pint” nonsense.

9. The fact that you can enter an entirely new dimension of reality just by moving on to the tent next door.

10. People NOT talking about the current U.S. presidential race.

11. Lederhosen.

They’re sexier than you think.

12. Non-stop cheers-ing. All day. Every day. Without fail.

13. Awesome, untranslatable German words like gemutlichkeit, schnapsidee, and torschlusspanik.

14. Spaetzle, red cabbage, sauerkraut = candy for vegetarians.

15. The large groups of people dancing in unison.

It’s not unlike a 70s dance club or a 90s wedding reception.

16. You get to WEAR COOKIES.

17. The fact that you’re NOT the drunkest person at the party for a change.

18. Taking comfort in the fact that nobody is going to tell you to get down off that bench!

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