19 Questions Only Someone From England Can Properly Answer

Entertainment England
Lauren Williams
Sep 22, 2015

1. What’s a cheeky Nandos?

2. Are we going out or are we going out-out?

3. David Attenborough — national treasure?

4. Cake or death?

5. Can you show me how to make a proper cup of tea?

6. Would you like a HobNob with your cuppa tea?

7. Why isn’t Yorkshire Pudding actually pudding?

8. What about Jeremy Corbyn, then?

9. Or David Cameron?

10. It’s pronounced “al-oo-min-um,” right?

11. Pint?

12. Jager bomb?

13. Is the BBC really that great?

14. Fancy a roast?


16. Butter on your crumpets, yeah?

17. What the hell is Cheryl Cole saying?

18. Ok, so why does the whole country care what Cheryl Cole is saying?

19. Want to watch some Monty Python?

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