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20 Signs You Grew Up in France in the 90s

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by Morgane Croissant Jul 8, 2015

1. Your after-school routine consisted of “Hélène et les garçons”, “Premiers baisers”, and “Les filles d’à côté”

2. Your parents used to feed you some gourmet Bolino hachis parmentier when they needed a break and you loved it.

3. You collected multicoloured plastic pacifiers (“totoches“) and wore them proudly around your neck.

4. “Doc and Difool” provided you with some kinky sex ed.

5. You sang Oasis’ Wonderwall and The Cranberries’ Zombie at the top of your lungs until your parents confiscated your boom blaster.

6. You used to wait until your favourite song came along on “Fun Radio” to record it (by pressing the “Play” and “Record” buttons simultaneously) on one of blank tapes you purchased.

7. You begged your parents for a “Booster Spirit”, a “Chapi”, or a “Ciao”, but you always got the same answer: “No, you’re going to kill yourself on one of these”.

8. You’ve worn baggy denim jumpers with the top hanging down to your knees, but you’d rather not show the pictures.

9. You sported Doc Martens like you were in a punk band.

10. Galak chocolate was your favourite treat, but only because of the cute white dolphin on the package.

11.  You were given milk cartons every morning at 10:00am the whole time you were in elementary school.

12. When finished with the milk cartons, you would fill them up with air thanks to the straw, put them on the ground, and smash them with one of your feet to make a big mess in the school yard.

13. You went to England on a school trip in quatrième.

14. You thought shopping at Jennifer’s was all the rage. 

15. You can name all the “Musclés” in a heartbeat.

16. You’ve spent a lot of time playing with “Polly Pocket”, “Qui est-ce?”, and “Spirographe”.

17. You know where you were when France won the 1998 World Cup Final.

18. And you sang: “Et un, et deux, et trois – zéro!”

19. You can finish the following sentence without hesitation “Qui qui qui sont les Snorky?…” 

20. You have tried 3615 Ulla when your parents had their back turned and it wasn’t as thrilling as expected.

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