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The 24 Funniest Expressions From Spain (and How to Use Them)

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by Ana Bulnes Mar 11, 2015
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1. A Spaniard is not “drunk,” he “goes fart.” (va pedo)

2. You won’t notice when a Spaniard is “lying to you,” instead you’ll see “his feather duster is showing.” (se le ve el plumero)

3. A Spaniard is not “flirting with you,” he’s “throwing the disks at you.” (te tira los tejos)

4. A Spaniard doesn’t feel “embarrassed” when he has to do something, it “gives him a stick” (le da palo) and “stays cut.” (se queda cortado)

5. A Spaniard is not “distracted,” he is “in Babia.” (está en Babia)

6. A Spaniard is not “crazy,” he is “like a goat” or “like a watering can.” (como una cabra and como una regadera)

7. A Spaniard is not “funny” and “full of jokes,” he is “a horny person.” (es un cachondo)

8. A Spaniard doesn’t “dislike” you, you “fall fat” on her. (le caes gordo)

9. A Spaniard doesn’t “bother” you, she “gives you the can.” (te da la lata)

10. A Spaniard doesn’t think something is “obvious”, she believes “it falls like a drawer.” (cae de cajón)

11. A Spaniard is not “sleeping”, she is “rubbing.” (está sobando)

12. A Spaniard doesn’t “do something wrong”, he “shits it.” (la caga)

13. A Spaniard doesn’t “make a scene,” he “makes a Christ.” (monta un cristo)

14. A Spaniard doesn’t “overthink” things, he “grates himself” (se ralla) or “eats his pot.” (se come la olla)

15. A Spaniard doesn’t “die,” he “stretches his leg.” (estira la pata)

16. A Spaniard doesn’t “tell you off,” he “sings you the forty.” (te canta las cuarenta)

17. A Spaniard doesn’t “realise” or “become aware” of something, he “falls off the donkey.” (cae del burro)

18. When Spaniard stay unmarried they’re not “spinsters”, they are “left to dress the saints.” (se quedan para vestir santos)

19. A Spaniard doesn’t “earn a lot of money suddenly”, he “makes his August.” (hace su agosto)

20. A Spaniard is not a “happy-go-lucky” person, he is a “hail-to-the-Virgin.” (es un Viva la Virgen)

21. A Spaniard doesn’t “avoid a responsibility,” he “slips the bulge.” (escurre el bulto)

22. A Spaniard doesn’t “eat between meals,” he “kills the worm.” (mata el gusanillo)

23. A Spaniard won’t “go crazy”, he’ll “lose his North.” (pierde el Norte)

24. A Spaniard doesn’t “fall asleep,” he “stays fried.” (se queda frito)

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