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30 Signs You Grew Up in Spain in the 90s

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by Ana Bulnes Mar 19, 2015


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1. You know who Cobi and Curro are.

2. Whenever you see Ricky Martin, you think about jam, closets, and dogs.

3. You still refer to many renowned actors by the name of their characters in “Al salir de clase.”

4. Whenever you wonder what went wrong in your education, you remember Xuxa and the “mamachicho,” and understand.

5. Some pictures prove there was a time when you thought wearing many small plastic pacifiers hanging from your neck was a valid esthetic choice.

6. You identified with one of the Spice Girls and still remember Wannabe’s choreography (which you have danced to in public more frequently than you dare to admit).

7. You learned chemistry with Cheminova, astronomy with Astronova, pottery with Alfanova, chocolate creation with Choconova, and a long list of skills you have forgotten.

8. You’ll never admit it, but you think a New Year’s Eve without Ana Obregón and Ramonchu is not a real New Year’s Eve.

9. You know exactly what happened to Sabrina one New Year’s Eve.

10. You feel suspicious of skin transfers. We all know they’re packed with drugs.

11. You attribute your good dentition to the pink fluoride you were given at school.

12. You still keep your trading card, “tazos,” and scented-paper collection (the last one only if you were a girl).

13. You copied by hand and gave to your friends many chain letters, afraid of your family dying and other terrible things that happened to those who didn’t spread the letter.

14. You didn’t find it weird seeing Jorge Sanz as gallant in every movie.

15. You’re outraged if you see the Little Mermaid and she doesn’t have a Latin accent.

16. Your bookshelves were packed with books from El Barco de Vapor collection.

17. You know Flash pop ices taste better if you wait for them to melt and drink them.

18. If someone says to you “Hola, soy Edu” (“Hello, I’m Edu”), you say “Feliz Navidad” (“Merry Christmas”).

19. Hola, hola, hola, tú y yo lo sabíamos (“Hello, hello, hello, you and I knew it”). Joaquín Luqui continued being your music guru even after discovering he was a white-haired man.

20. You remember when Mercromina healed wounds, instead of causing cancer.

21. Your summer mornings best friends were Punky Brewster, the Sweet Valley twins, Dawson, and the guys at Heartbreak High.

22. That tracksuit you wore everyday looks like something nowadays you link to drug addicts.

23. Your school essays were Encarta entries with WordArt covers.

24. You have used a (new) 25-peseta coin as a pendant.

25. You have danced to “La Macarena” and “Saturday Night” (you’ll recognize it as “sararinay”) more times you can remember. You still do if they are played at a party.

26. You remember the words to Fresh Prince and Blossom theme songs. In Spanish, of course.

27. You were aware of the social status you gained by having a Flik Flak watch.

28. You had a favorite year for the Boom compilation cassettes.

29. You thought the encoded part of Canal+ was porn (and believed some people could actually watch it by blinking).

30. You saw Carmen Sevilla conduct Telecupón with her sleepers on.

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