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12 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a Spanish Friend

by Ana Bulnes Aug 13, 2015
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A normal friend shakes hands with you when he sees you…
A Spanish friend kisses you and the people that accompany you on both cheeks, even if he doesn’t know them.


A normal friend gets upset if you are late…
A Spanish friend never finds out, because he is always later than you.


A normal friend puts music on when he has a party at his house…
A Spanish friend always has a guitar for party guests to play music.


A normal friend tries to talk to you in English…
A Spanish friend obliges you to learn Spanish by talking to you slower and louder.


If you have lunch with a normal friend, you know you will leave after the dessert.
If you have lunch with a Spanish friend, you know it’s very possible you’ll end up having dinner together.


When a normal friend invites you over for dinner, he makes all kinds of efforts to impress you…
A Spanish friend knows you only need potatoes and eggs for your dinner to be perfect.


A normal friend says he can’t meet you during the week because he has a lot of work…
A Spanish friend runs from his office as soon as he can to have a drink with you.


A normal friend asks you to “keep it down” when you’re in a public place…
A Spanish friend yells that he can’t hear you.


A normal friend never forgets the plans you’ve made…
A Spanish friend completely forgets them, but then improvises something better in a matter of seconds.


A normal friend proposes you spend New Year’s together in a foreign country…
A Spanish friend invites you over to spend New Year’s so you can eat 12 grapes.


A normal friend goes out with you until 2am…
A Spanish friend calls that outing “tomar algo” (to have a drink); going out means coming back at 6am. At the earliest.


A normal friend eats because he is hungry…
A Spanish friend eats (and drinks, and drinks coffee), as an excuse to be with his family and his friends.

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