30 Signs You Learned to Eat in Yucatan

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by Claugiann y Giovanni Feb 10, 2016
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1. You don’t understand why there are people who have never tried a kibi.

2. You know you can find the best motuleño eggs at Motul and with doña Evelia.

3. Every Monday you end up eating frijol con puerco and every Sunday you eat cochinita.

4. You are capable of eating relleno negro without dying in the intent.

5. Your breakfast is not exactly light.

6. You don’t find it strange that pan de cazón (dogfish bread) is not bread and it’s made of tortillas.

7. You love the the panuchos of Kanasín.

8. You know the difference between panucho and salbut is …¡one of them has beans!

9. You’ve had the honour of trying the most famous brazo de reina.

10. Your table never lacks the presence of the most delicious, spiciest chile in the whole wide world.

11. On your birthday, you prefer to eat a sandwichon over a cake.

12. You always soak bizcochitos in your milk.

13. And you soak bread, biscuits, cookies or anything you have in your coffee and you call it hacer chuc.

14. You know Parque de Santana’s menu by heart.

15. You know there will be “stones” in every corner…

16. You know agüita de lima is the best remedy for the thirst caused by that insufferable solcito of your state.

17. You hold great expectations when it comes to snacks…

18. You know the best kept secret of the universe: the marquesita is the best dessert ever.

19. You know where to find the best cochinita in town…

20. You know that queso de bola and chile habanero go with everything.

21. You can not even imagine a torta de lechón without red onion.

22. You know where to find the best ice cream and sorbets in town.

23. This is how fresh fried fish looks like:

24. You roast sunchos at the beach.

25. Your mom prepares you huevito con chaya for lunch.

26. You don’t leave the beach without eating a merengue or a cremita de coco.

27. A fruit cocktail is, for you, a xek.

28. You know charritos have been perfected by our construction workers, who eat them with Daysi cheese, jalapeño peppers and a two-liter coke.

29. You know dinner is the most important meal of the day and that some vaporcitos de Montejo would make a full day.

30. You know there is no better place for satisfy your cravings than Yucatan!

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