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1. You don’t understand why there are people who have never tried a kibi.

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2. You know you can find the best motuleño eggs at Motul and with doña Evelia.

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3. Every Monday you end up eating frijol con puerco and every Sunday you eat cochinita.

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4. You are capable of eating relleno negro without dying in the intent.

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5. Your breakfast is not exactly light.

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6. You don’t find it strange that pan de cazón (dogfish bread) is not bread and it’s made of tortillas.

7. You love the the panuchos of Kanasín.

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8. You know the difference between panucho and salbut is …¡one of them has beans!

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9. You’ve had the honour of trying the most famous brazo de reina.

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10. Your table never lacks the presence of the most delicious, spiciest chile in the whole wide world.

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11. On your birthday, you prefer to eat a sandwichon over a cake.

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12. You always soak bizcochitos in your milk.

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13. And you soak bread, biscuits, cookies or anything you have in your coffee and you call it hacer chuc.

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14. You know Parque de Santana’s menu by heart.

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15. You know there will be “stones” in every corner…

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16. You know agüita de lima is the best remedy for the thirst caused by that insufferable solcito of your state.

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17. You hold great expectations when it comes to snacks…

De botaneo!! #botanas #Mérida #yucatan #mexico #eladios

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18. You know the best kept secret of the universe: the marquesita is the best dessert ever.

Pues ahí la llevo #minimarquesitas #marquesitas #voyaponermicarrito

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19. You know where to find the best cochinita in town…

20. You know that queso de bola and chile habanero go with everything.

Mischief Managed. #mlkday #harrypotter #cheese #manchego #edam #quesodebola

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21. You can not even imagine a torta de lechón without red onion.

22. You know where to find the best ice cream and sorbets in town.

Seguimos con la dieta 😄 Mamey y Guanábana 😍

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23. This is how fresh fried fish looks like:

24. You roast sunchos at the beach.

Noche de historias 🌙 #bailandobajolaluna #fogata #historiasdeterror #sunchos quemados #familia #chelem

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25. Your mom prepares you huevito con chaya for lunch.

Lo bueno de tener un amigo “vegetariano” jajaja #Huevoconchaya #licuado (fresa con platan, leche de soya y almendras)

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26. You don’t leave the beach without eating a merengue or a cremita de coco.

Merida te amoooooo #cremitadecoco #palacalor #delicioso #bienmerecido

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27. A fruit cocktail is, for you, a xek.

Les comparto la #botana emblematica de #yucatan #xek antes de la comida.

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28. You know charritos have been perfected by our construction workers, who eat them with Daysi cheese, jalapeño peppers and a two-liter coke.

29. You know dinner is the most important meal of the day and that some vaporcitos de Montejo would make a full day.

#Vaporcitos #CocinaYucateca

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30. You know there is no better place for satisfy your cravings than Yucatan!

Foto de la comida de ayer #meridayucatan #ambarandgamatravels #lachayamaya

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Cover Photo: Mindaugas Danys