Photo: Nomadic Boys

40 Things You Should Never Say To a Gay Guy

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by Nomadic Boys May 11, 2016

21. Do I look good in this outfit?

22. Do you like Madonna?

23. But what do you mean you don’t like ABBA?

24. How do you tell if someone is gay?

25. What do you mean you don’t like The Sound of Music?

26. You should try it with a girl and see what you’re missing.

27. I love Will & Grace!

28. So you have AIDS?

29. I hate dogs.

30. Who proposes to whom?



31. How old where you when you chose to be a gay?

32. Don’t you want to settle down with a nice girl and have children?

33. Who will look after you when you’re old?

34. I’m so glad I met you. I really need a new outfit.

35. Oh my god, that’s so gay!

36. Let’s go get cocktails, you gays love all that stuff.

37. What do you mean you only want a beer?

38. How good is your gaydar?

39. What’s barebacking?

40. You remind me of Freddie Mercury!

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