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11 Things You Should Never Do in a Bar

by Lisa Millar-Jones Mar 6, 2015

1. Naggin’ the bouncer

They don’t care about your time spent waiting in the lineup. And if you’re rude you’ll never get in. Be friendly and patient. A tip never hurt anyone either.

2. Falling for the “I’ll be right back” line

If you ever hear a girl use this line, she is not coming back. This is her way of saying, “Thanks for the free drinks and terrible conversation!”

3. Picking a fight with a bouncer

You’ll never win. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re bigger or stronger.

4. Taking off your clothes or shoes

First of all, there’s nothing sexy about taking off a piece of clothing in a club, especially shoes. Here is a thought, if your heels hurt, don’t wear them! And for the guys, if you’re that sweaty and need to take your shirt off, you need to go home.

5. Doing drugs or get blackout drunk in public

Nothing will hurt your reputation more than people seeing you do key bumps in the crowd. This is the most idiotic decision you can make.

6. Going crazy with PDA

Nobody likes to watch your sloppy make-out and dry humping. Some people take it to the level of soft-core porn that might be better suited at the Motel 6 than a dance floor!

7. Holding up the line at the bar

Know your order and have your money ready. Most likely there’s a lineup of impatient and thirsty customers trying to get wasted, too.

8. Stiffing on tips

Tipping a service provider is not mandatory, but it is a custom that should be respected. In North America, tipping is important in the service sector because the people who work in these industries typically receive minimum wage. It also gives the customer a direct influence over his or her service experience, and provides incentive for service staff to work hard.

9. Neglecting to befriend your bartender

When you want a drink and the bar is packed they’ll probably serve you first — if you leave a tip, of course.

10. Leaving your belongings lying around the bar

Many locations provide coat check for a minimal price. When you’ve spent $1,000 on your purse, you can afford the $4 to keep it safe while you are dancing. Drunken people have poor judgement and steal stuff around the club all the time.

11. Bringing the bachelorette party props

Plain and simple: the overplayed sashes, feather boas, veils, and inappropriately shaped straws just don’t belong in the bar.

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