1. Such a waste.

2. OMGOMGOMG I LOVE gay people. You’re all so adorable!

3. Wish you guys would hurry up and get married. I really want to do a gay wedding.

4. Who’s the man and who’s the woman?

5. Are you a power bottom?

6. Do poppers really work?

7. You like football? But I thought you were gay?

8. Oh, I knew you were gay when you put on that Lady Gaga song.

9. Are you sure you want a double bed?

10. Are you brothers?



11. My best friend Jeremy is absolutely fabulous and you just have to connect with him on Facebook.

12. Isn’t it painful?

13. How do you douche?

14. Have you never slept with a girl?

15. No? Want to try with me?

16. But you seem so masculine…

17. You’re really into computer / video games?

18. What do you mean you don’t like shopping?

19. Oh you built that table yourself?

20. Do you like dressing as a woman?