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6 Ways Having a British Husband Will Change You

United Kingdom Couples
by Eileen Cotter Wright Nov 23, 2015

1. You will have to dig deep for real talk.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for two weeks or married for a decade, the politeness is always there. They often will avoid confrontation to the point of making you rage. Sometimes you just want to hash things out, get it all out in the open. Things are done much more calmly and rarely are elevated to shouting — that’s reserved only for soccer games.

2. Your reasoning will become more logic based.

If you grew up anywhere in the U.S. with a spiritual or religious background, you might find your British husband is tough to relate to. Church is an antiquated idea in the U.K. and more of a tradition that a thing they practice. Many Brits are fascinated by people who have a religion-centric upbringing. The good thing is though the Brits’ tolerance will allow you to drag them to service if you have to, or at least not question when you appeal to Saint Anthony when you’ve lost your keys.

3. Your American family will think you’ve lost it.

When you slip the first time and call your birthday cake a pudding, your mom might just give you an odd look. But now you’re calling eggplant an aubergine and telling people things are ‘sorted’ instead of figured out. God forbid your poor husband has a thick accent too. Every family member will point out how adorable it is and if he’s had tea with the queen.

4. Your drinking habits will increase significantly.

When we moved from the states to London, I thought that as a grown woman I had my drinking down pat. I knew my limits, and I knew how to pace myself. Then I tried to keep up with my husband’s drinking buddies. On Tuesdays. After work. During breaks. All Sunday long. He seemed to have no trouble and I couldn’t even try to compete. I do love how Brits have a wonderfully active social culture after work, but I need to eat a damn dinner if I’m going to see straight after a night on the lash. I’m not sure if any of them eat real meals — everyone just starts drinking, then maybe grabs some fries on the way home.

5. You get a global golden ticket.

After we were married, my British husband suggested an adventure. We decided to move to London for a few years to work and travel. For some, this means thousands of dollars and years of searching for sponsorship and a visa. However, I applied through his company for a spousal visa, which granted me the right to work anywhere in the European Union. Boom. We might have stayed stateside forever without this special opportunity.

6. …And so do your kids.

If you have kids with your spouse, they will have some super special perks. They won’t have to think just about living where there born, but can use their dual citizenship for career, education and travel opportunities worldwide.

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