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8 Abilities Californians Have Over Everyone Else

by Hana Nobel Dec 14, 2016

1. Providing vegan options.

California is probably the easiest state in which to be a vegan. Our year-round farmer’s markets provide a huge variety of produce and most restaurants have plant-based diet options. Even our bakeries offer dairy- and egg-free cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. No meat? No problem. You can still eat well here.

2. Appreciating rain.

We’re deep into a drought and desperate for precipitation. So when it rains, we’re jazzed. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have a change from blue skies and monotonous good weather. It’s easier to feel less guilty about Netflix binging or spending the day inside when it’s raining, and since it’s so rare, it never gets old. We may not be good at driving in it, but we’re sure as hell grateful for the water falling from the sky.

3. Having a work-life balance.

The combination of living in a state with great weather and living around people who value health and the outdoors keep Californians balanced. Take a yoga class on a lunch break? Yep! Come into work a little late because the surf was so good? Totally! Leave work a bit early to go on a hike? No problem. We’re all about getting out and enjoying life, as long as our work gets done.

4. Ordering the perfect burrito.

We’re surrounded by taquerias and burrito trucks and have lots of opportunities to perfect our burrito order. We know the right time for a California burrito (after 2 am), what kind of hot sauce to stick on a breakfast burrito, and when a truck serves better carne asada or carnitas. Ordering burritos is an art form that requires practice. Luckily we get tons of it.

5. Being wine snobs.

We know other states produce wine, but come on, we have Napa, Sonoma, Temecula, and so many more hubs for the adult grape juice. People come visit our wine regions and spend days taste testing. We have the best wine in the country, and being a wine snob comes with the territory.

6. And when we are at it, being beer snobs too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah — other states have craft beer. But do they have San Diego? (Hello Modern Times and Ballast Point and Belching Beaver). And San Francisco? (Anchor Steam, anyone?!) And some other great beer that’s coming out of the Mendocino area? (Shout out to Anderson Valley). This big state has some big beer culture and we’re not afraid to say it’s better than yours… because it is.

7. Appreciating the sunset.

We’re some of the last ones to see the sunset on the mainland and being on the coast, we really get a superb view as the sun goes down. How many people in your state line up to see the sunset each night? Check out the Santa Monica pier, Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Glass Beach up north, or probably anywhere in San Diego and you’ll find locals and tourists side by side watching the daily show on any given night.

8. Protesting.

Californians are politically active and love to fight for what they believe is right. You’ll find rallies all over the state fighting for environmental protection, human rights, animal welfare, clean energy, worker’s rights, and equality. Whatever the cause, Californians fight the good fight. It’s in our hippie blood.

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