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Mini-Guide to Texan Slang

by Turner Wright Dec 12, 2016

1. Texans don’t need formal introductions. “Howdy” will do just nicely.

2. We don’t finish a task…we “git ‘er done!”

3. We don’t address more than one person by anything other than “ya’ll”.

4. And on that note we use “y’all” for friends and family. “You all” is for English class.

5. We don’t call them mosquitoes…they’re “skeeters”.

6. We wouldn’t point out something over there…it’s “down yonder”

7. We haven’t taken the trash out…but we’re “fixin’ tuh.”

8. We don’t think it’s going to rain…we “reckon” it is.

9. We’re not tired…we’re “tuckered out.”

10. We order plates of buffalo “wangs” at the bar. Not to be mistaken for engagement “rangs.”

11. We don’t stress…we just get “all worked up over nothing’.”

12. We swear like everyone else, but let loose a healthy “dang” and “dad gum it” from time to time.

13. We don’t need to use a simply “yes” to agree with someone…we just say “sure’nuff, it’s true.”

14. We won’t be there quickly…we’ll be there “right quick.”

15. We don’t just get angry when the Cowboys lose…we have a “conniption fit” or “hissy fit.”

16. We don’t wait for someone to put actions behind his words…we just call him “all hat and no cattle.”

17. We don’t go fishing in the pond by the woods…we visit the “tank.”

18. We don’t call people stupid…we say they’re “dumber than dirt.”

19. Aren’t you glad we say “ain’tcha?”

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