THERE’S NO doubt that the people of Ireland get annoyed with the fake Hollywood Irish accent and there’s a good reason for that: there is not one and only Irish accent, but a myriad of them.

In Ireland, drive 10km in any direction, and you’ll hear a different version of the English language. People in Tullamore sound different from the ones who live in Birr, and you only need to cross O’Connell Bridge to realise that South Dubliners are a different breed altogether.

This guide misses a few important spots, like Donegal and The Midlands, but it’s still very accurate. Nobody truly understands the poor people of Kerry and the inhabitants of Cork get their fair share of slagging from the rest of the country.

Have a watch and try to remember that even when you have mastered the accents, you’ll only truly be part of the clan when you’ll pepper you conversations with idioms such as “The head on you and the price of turnips!”