1. The English don’t mess up, they “cock up.”

2. The English don’t say that something will be “a little bit of fun,” they say that they should do something for “shits and giggles.”

3. The English don’t say “get on with it,” but instead say “pull your finger out of your arse.”

4. The English rarely so “oh no!” when they make a mistake, but “bollocks!”

5. When an English person is acting up, they are not “messing around,” but “playing silly buggers.”

6. The English won’t hit you, but they will “twat you on the head.”

7. English people don’t tell you you’re overreacting, but that you’ve “got your knickers in a twist.”

8. The English don’t say “he’s great,” but instead “he’s the dog’s bollocks.”

9. The English won’t say “hurry up,” but “stop fannying around.”

10. The English don’t get told off when they’ve done something wrong, but they do “get a bollocking.”

11. In England, a tart isn’t just a “tasty pastry food,” but “a prostitute.”

12. The English don’t say that they “can’t be bothered” to do something, but that they “can’t be arsed.”

13. The English aren’t tired, but “buggered.”

14. An English person doesn’t just fall over, but falls “arse over tit.”

15. The English don’t do something “back to front,” but “arse about face.”

16. When the English say that someone is stupid, they say “they don’t know their arse from their elbow.”

17. If something is cheap in England, it costs “bugger all.”

18. In England, if you are in a bad mood you “have the hump.”

19. The English don’t get angry, but they do get “pissed off.”

20. The English won’t tell you to “go away” but to “piss off.”

21. The English don’t get drunk, but they do get “pissed.”

22. The English don’t plan to get drunk, but they do aim to get “pissed up.”

23. In England, people don’t say that something “isn’t very good,” but are more likely to say that something is “piss poor.”

24. The English don’t make fun of someone, but they do “take the piss.”

25. It doesn’t rain in England, it “pisses it down.”

26. The English don’t waste time, but they do “piss around.”