The Great Bear Rainforest is among the largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest on Earth. It spans 250 miles and 21 million acres along the British Columbia coast. It is the only place in the world where spirit bears, also known as Kermode bears, a white-furred sub-species of the black bear, can be found. Between the humpback and killer whales, coastal grey wolves, sitka deer, lichen-covered old-growth trees, dolphins, otters, seals, and black and grizzly bears, life is lush here. As one of the most pristine environments on earth, it is worth celebrating that such a place still exists on earth today.

1. Coastal Grey Wolf

2. Grizzly in the rain

3. Swimming bear

4. Bear head in the grass

5. Whale tail

6. Black bear in the shadows

7. Whale breaths

8. Porpoises

9. Spirit bear

10. Black bear feeding on salmon

11. Whale feeding

12. Three little grizzlies

13. Sea otter

14. Fishing grizzly

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