#TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou made many rethink their perceptions of what “Africa” really looks like. For Somalia specifically, Abdulkadir Mohamed wants to do the same.

In an interview with True Africa photographer he said, “When I was outside of Somalia, all the pictures I would see about Somalia were just the normal clichés about wars and people who are either pirates or starving….That’s not the Mogadishu that I know…I decided to focus on creating positive content, which means that I let others do the usual negative narrative of my city.”

A self-taught photographer, he was born in Mogadishu and moved to Canada as a teenager right before Somalia’s civil war. After twenty years living in Canada and the United States, he moved back to Somalia in 2014 and began this project.

It started out simple: take photos to show friends what Somalian life was really like. But his work has now grown to become part of a larger movement of Somalian artists gaining widespread recognition for presenting a new image of their country.

Check out some of those images below:


Lido Beach line dance

Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


Lido Beach

Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


Banaadir Stadium

Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


Boys race domesticated pigeons to test which one returns home faster.

Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


The Mogadishu International Book Fair is the first of its kind in the capital and has been running since 1991.

Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr


Photo: Mogadishu Tumblrr

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