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25 Signs You Learned to Drink in Austin

Austin Restaurants + Bars
by Deleigh Hermes Apr 22, 2016

1. Barton Springs is your hangover cure.

2. Brunch mimosas are from 10-4, happy hour is from 4-7, and then it’s time to drink.

3. You’ve moved to another state and asked the gas station to order Lonestar for you.

4. You’ve gone downtown to do productive things at Dominican Joe’s and somehow ended up drunk at Whip In.

5. You’ve learned the hard way that heels aren’t worth it on 6th Street.

6. You discovered your new favorite band at Mohawk last night but can’t remember their name.

7. You always go to happy hour at Chuy’s for the free queso, but constantly need a Texas Martini to wash it down.

8. You pregame before brunch.

9. Traffic on I-35 drives you to drink.

10. You go to Black Sheep for White Trash Can Wednesdays and get drunk off of $5.

11. If you miss happy hour after work, you just hit up Hole In the Wall for theirs. From 9 to 2 in the morning.

12. You’ve gone to Volstead Lounge at Hotel Vegas for trivia, hoping to win the $20 bar tab you just spent.

13. Attending Side Project Sundays for a little hair of the dog and amazing kebabs is your end of the weekend tradition.

14. You’ve brought your kids to eat and get a free snow cone at Haymaker, just so you can get an adult one for $3.

15. You’ve had to Uber home after a simple lunch with your friend because you had two giant purple margaritas from Baby A’s.

16. You’ve checked your bank statement and only seen bar names. But some of those were business meetings, you swear.

17. Sometimes you still can’t believe that there are a million craft beers in Austin and every single one of them is successful.

18. You’ve visited other cities and been disappointed that they didn’t have a 4-mile road dedicated to drinking.

19. Someone from out of town has told you and your friends, “You guys drink a lot.” Really? It’s only Wednesday… *Pulls collar.*

20. No matter where you go, there are going to be $7 beers so you bring a flask. Duh.

21. You order two drinks every time because you don’t want to wait in line again.

22. “Just one more,” is something you say every day.

23. You’ve carried beer in your Camel Bak… on the trail.

24. It’s completely acceptable to be hung over at work during SXSW.

25. You carry a koozie at all times.

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