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5 Ways People Are (Still) Getting Naked in San Francisco

San Francisco Culture
by Amanda Machado Jun 2, 2015

1. Exploring the Folsom Street Fair

Held every September across 13 blocks around Folsom Street, over 400,000 people attend this event each year. The fair includes over 200 exhibitor booths of fetish gear, “public play” stations, a live stage, two dance areas and one “erotic artists’ area”. The fair even has a “coat and clothes check” area so that attendees can strip down upon entering the fair. Folsom Street Events–the organization that runs the fair– is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Over its 26 year history, it has given over $4 million to charity.

 2. Partying with Mission Control

Mission Control’s Pink! party happens almost always on the second Friday of every month. Venues change, but each party has the same structure: a 9pm “playshop” where an experienced facilitator shares a skill/technique with the group, followed by a party from 10pm-3am. Parties are open to anyone 21 and older.

3. Eating at Our Gourmet Life

At this restaurant, women and men dressed in black masks (and, according to the website, “little else”) serve you a fabulous multi-course French meal with erotic touches in between. The website doesn’t give away too much, except to tell you “expect to be tantalized.” They started in 2011 and have done over 300 events since. The restaurant emphasizes that it’s not a space for sex play, but instead a space for a “sensual experience.”

4. Attending events hosted by SF Citadel

According to its website, the SF Citadel aims to “bring educational, interesting and fun-filled events to the San Francisco Bay Area community.” They organize parties–sometimes geared towards specific kink interests, sometimes not– including their “Flash” party where attendees are allowed to bring a camera, their “Luscious” party celebrating curves, their “Transmission” party for trans people and friends, and a “Taboo” party for “edgy play.”

The organization also offers discussion groups, HIV and STD testing and prevention education, 12 step programs, classes on safety, consent and non-exploitation.and other specialty classes, and “skill-sharing” workshops on weeknights. Their “Kink Lab” classes have one hour of instruction and one hour of, well, “guided practice.”  Full listings of events are found on their calendar.

5. Sunbathing at the oldest nude beach in the United States

San Gregorio– a small town of only around 200 people just south of San Francisco– is known for having the oldest nude beach in the United States. The two-mile beach sometimes divides by sexuality: straight visitors on the southern side, gay visitors in the north.

6. Looking over the “erobay” Calendar

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