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5 Montréal 24-Hour Greasy Spoons

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by Daniel Baylis May 20, 2010
There is nothing that closes off a killer night out like a burger, some greasy fries and a soda. The fat and carbs from neon-bathed diners help to absorb the evening’s over-consumption, thus reducing the potential of an inconvenient hangover.

In fact, the restorative properties of poutine, for example, have been proven by scientists. And by “scientists” I mean “frat-boys-who-study-leisure-sciences.” I don’t necessarily trust that crowd, but their research has been an integral contribution to formulating a perfect party night. The last leg of an epic evening ends better with comfort food.

Here are 5 Montréal greasy spoons to keep your adventures fuelled.


Voted #1 “Best Late-Night Eats” by Montréalers, La Banquise is Montréal’s poutine institution. There are poutines here that you never knew existed, such as the Kamikaze Poutine (Merguez sausage, hot peppers and Tabasco).

If your gurgling stomach can’t take the heat, they have classic poutine down to an art form. Simple and delicious.

994 Rachel East

The hot Lebanese bakery infamous among students and 24-hour party people, this is a great choice for cheap, but delicious eats. The Manakish is a mainstay of the bakery, but they also serve up pizza and salads. Finish up with fresh baklava. It’s Arabic fast food done right.

2125 Guy Street

This classic style diner in the Gay Village features tons of table space and the comforting pulse of dance remixes. In the summer, stretch out under the stars on their patio. Go for the club sandwich. Obviously.

1578 Sainte-Catherine East

The spacious orange/brown/pink booths provide the perfect cocoons to for those feeling over-stimulated from techno music excess.

Expect truck-stop portions (select from the 24-hour breakfast menu) and a crusty Russian waitress. Unlimited coffee and snarkiness included.

4494 St. Denis

Throughout the streets of Montréal, you’ll find “$0.99” pizza joints scattered like Celine Dion albums at a used record shop. If you’re in a pinch, they’ll suffice. However if you’re hankerin’ for quality, Angela delivers a crispy crust and generous toppings. No seriously, she’ll deliver it if you want.

1662 de Maisonneuve West

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