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15 Differences Between a Normal Mom and a Mexican Mom

by Rulo Luna Ramos May 4, 2015
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A normal mom has arguments…
A Mexican mom doesn’t need them because she’s your mother… ¡Y te callas!


A normal mom sends you an ultimatum…
A Mexican mom will count till three… and if it’s for real, she won’t let math ruin her moment and will start from two.


A normal mom will deal with your misbehaviour immediately…
A Mexican mom will write a report to the Santos Reyes.


A normal mom will comfort you after a big scare…
A Mexican mom will give you some old bread.


A normal mom will make sure you’re eating healthily…
A Mexican mom will feed you as if it were your last meal. She’ll prepare all your favorite dishes and you better leave some room for dessert. She’ll kindly offer you all the food you want to take back to your place… but don’t even think she’s not noticing which and how many tuppers you’re leaving with.


A normal mom gets worried about you…
A Mexican mom is left with Jesus in her mouth (“se queda con el Jesús en la boca”).


A normal mom is very protective of her offspring…
A Mexican mom will offer you as a gift to some stranger after the first tantrum.


A normal mom accepts her mistakes…
A Mexican mom doesn’t make mistakes… whatever you might be thinking of was probably your fault and she might be happy to explain that to you.


A normal mom rejoices when you call her…
A Mexican mom will complain every time you call… because you never call her.


A normal mom will do her research if you tell her that the soup has a strange taste…
A Mexican mom will make you eat all of the soup, no matter what. If the soup did taste strange and you actually get sick, she’ll blame all the porquerías you eat on the street and will send you for a Sal de Uvas or a bottle of Coke.


A normal mom asks questions expecting answers…
A Mexican mom asks questions expecting you to shut up… and then probably answer her.


A normal mom sends you to your room to analyze your attitude…
A Mexican mom will just give you that look, that particular look that means… “You’re so screwed this time, but I’ll not do anything to you right now. I’ll let you suffer a little bit more, maybe until your dad comes home”… and maybe she won’t do anything to you, but the mere look is enough punishment for whatever you might have done.


A normal mom sends you to the doctor whenever you get sick…
A Mexican mom will blame you for getting sick and send you to look for VapoRub in the medicine drawer.


A normal mom grounds you…
A Mexican mom sends you to look for her chancla (yes, we know the feeling of digging our own grave perfectly well).


A normal mom is always proud of you…
A Mexican mom is not only proud of you, she’s also proud of herself for being able to raise such a perfect piece of human being!

Who’s gonna love you as much as your mom does!

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