New Uruguayan President ‘Indefinitely Suspends’ Sale of Weed

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by Tom Hyne Mar 5, 2015

Recently sworn in Uruguayan president Tabaré Vázquez has risked the admittedly not very scary wrath of stoners everywhere by suspending the sale of weed in pharmacies throughout the country.

Vázquez made the decision only four days into his term, on the same morning that the UN released a stinging criticism of Uruguay’s drug policy warning that state-run marijuana production was at odds with the “War on Drugs” being waged throughout the rest of South America.

Milton Romani, head of Uruguay’s National Drug Commission, explained to newspaper El Observador that the new administration wouldn’t be rushed into making hasty decisions on the matter.

“The president told me that we are going to keep on applying the law in the best way possible, so there will be sale in pharmacies. When I took over, the president was emphatic in assuring me that we would comply with the law, but what he wants to make sure of is that it is complied with well,” assured Romani.

“We don’t want to hurry into this. Don’t confuse the fact that we’re being more careful with thinking that the project won’t continue. Continued application of the law will categorically happen.”

Former guerrilla-revolutionary-turned-president José Mujica captured the hearts of potheads worldwide when he stood strong against UN pressure by legalizing the sale and distribution of weed back in 2013.

This article originally appeared on The Bubble and is republished here with permission.

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