Why South Carolina Could Be the Most Hauntingly Beautiful Place on Earth

South Carolina Galleries
by Katie Scott Aiton May 22, 2015

SOUTH CAROLINA IS composed of five geographic areas, whose boundaries parallel the Atlantic coastline of the southeastern US. The state is well known as playing large role in slave trade — succeeding the commodification of rice and indigo. South Carolina’s traditional charm, rich history, the ruggedness of its terrain, salt marshes and waterways draped with weeping willows stand testament to being the most hauntingly beautiful state in the US.

The Angel Oak

Warm sunset falling over a shrimp boat, Beaufort

Moss-draped oaks smother a coastal lane, Botany Bay Plantation

The romantic and tragic Lover’s Leap in Rock City

Dead tree stranded on Folly Beach County Park

Summer lightening storm over Hilton Head

Motionless southern swamp land

An old rundown barn on the cuff of Gaffney

Moody, blue-tinged sunset over pines trees in the Lowcountry

Mist over the Atlantic at Myrtle Beach

Morning sunshine through the Symmes Chapel, Greenville

The Limehouse Bridge in Charleston on a foggy morning.

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