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10 Signs You Were Raised by a Pennsylvanian Mom

by Jennifer Prince Jun 19, 2018

No matter which side of the state you’re on, there is one thing that unites us all, the PA Turnpike…and our moms. From quirky sayings to toting us all over the Keystone State no matter what, these ladies showed us maternal love in a way only Pennsylvanian moms can. Here are 10 signs you were raised by a Pennsylvania mom.

1. Every New Year’s Day included the Mummers Day Parade.

You still can’t spend the first day of the new year without hearing parade music and seeing elaborately-colored costumes all day long on TV.

2. You grew up with arms of steel from shoveling snow.

No matter if it was a dusting or two feet, under mom’s instructions it was always your job to shovel snow to clear sidewalks and driveways. You got big bonus points if you were responsible for clearing out your Center City parking spot, which included watching it all day to make sure it was still yours when she came home from work.

3. Going to the shore always meant Jersey.

Summer family memories include lounging on sand, crabbing, and sticking your fishing pole into a pipe in the sand to steady it. Boardwalks and the rides at Wildwood were always a highlight for evenings out with mom while at the shore.

4. Amusement parks were always on the excursion list.

With parks like Sesame Place, Dorney Park, Knoebels, and Hershey Park, warm days often ended with a trip to the amusement park. After all, it was a great way to entertain the kids. It was especially exciting if mom allowed you got to cross the border into Jersey and head to Great Adventure.

5. You realize that ”yous guys” is proper English.

The south can have “ya’ll” but your mom had it right when she would yell, “Hey, yous guys, it’s time for dinner,” out the back door. Especially-adept moms used the more advanced “youins.” Either way, you knew to get home quickly to wash up for dinner.

6. And she taught you to talk way too fast.

If you’re always told to slow down your speech, you learned well from mom.

7. Mom took out-of-state guests to educational sites.

Cousins, aunts and uncles, pen pals from out-of-state, etc. No matter who they were, mom always made sure that they were educated, whether it be via Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell or a jaunt out to Lancaster County to visit The Amish Village.

8. She loved sports.

Eastern PA moms chimed in with their love for sports as they sang “Fly, Eagles Fly” while you drifted off. Those moms from the western side of the state owned a plethora of Terrible Towels, which they used for everything from drying dishes to waving at the TV to cheer on the Steelers.

9. SEPTA was a part of living near the city.

Whether by bus, train, or trolley, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority helped you get around. Mom always seemed to have a train schedule tucked away in her purse and knew exactly which line to take to get where.

10. You know that the Please Touch Museum is meant for minors.

On a rainy day or during the chill of winter, your mother knew that a great way to get the wiggles out was to take you to this museum, where you were actually allowed to touch the exhibits. And a stop at the nearby Franklin Institute always added a bit of extra education while you were already in Philly.

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