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10 Things Only a Wisconsin Mom Would Say

by Laura Tritt Aug 8, 2017


Uff-da. Here come some more FIBs. Thinkin’ they own Door County every durn summer!


I heard Aunt Agnes is having a booyah at her cabin up nort’ this weekend. Pack your baygs kids, and get ready for some serious Sheephead!


Would ya like some cheese curds with your brat? They’re still squeaky!


Oh, stop your whining. Kids in our day used to play football in -40 degree temperatures and snowdrifts higher than their heads. Do ya wanna be a Packer, or no?


Lookie here. I found some more green and gold clothing. And fer cuuuuuuuute… look at dat cheese hat!


Grab yerself a drink at the bubbler. All the water in the truck is frozen solid.


Believe you me, I stopped at that stop ‘n go light, officer. It’s the only one on my way to the Piggly Wiggly and I never miss it.


Here, put on some ‘skeeto spray. Our state bird is pert-neer eating us whole this year!


Shut the door! We aren’t heating the outside too! What, were ya…born in a barn?


Meet our latest addition! No, we haven’t found a crib yet. No, we haven’t scheduled the baptism yet. Oh, YOU BETCHA we’ve got her on the Packers’ season ticket waiting list.

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