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10 Ways to Properly Compliment a New Mexican

New Mexico
by Zoe Baillargeon Mar 6, 2018

Want to get on a New Mexican’s good side? It’s easy: just say you love our food! We all get the warm fuzzies every time someone says something nice about our state, especially New Mexican cuisine and our sunsets, as you’ll see from these ten ways to properly compliment us (and no, saying you love “Breaking Bad” isn’t one of them).

Here are 10 ways to properly compliment a New Mexican.

1. “Your green chile stew is the best!”

We take our home green chile stew recipes very seriously. That blessed combination of green chile, chicken, potatoes, posole, and everything else was probably passed down from generation to generation, and we are rightfully very proud of our family recipe. This praise can also apply to biscochitos, margaritas, tamales, enchiladas, and basically any homestyle New Mexican cooking.

2. “Where do you get your chile roasted?”

Ah, September. That magical time of year when the green chile crop comes in and New Mexicans descend in hordes onto grocery stores to buy huge bags and pay a guy to roast them to perfection. We ALL have our go-to roasters, and if someone loves our green chile and wants to know where we get it roasted, it is complete validation of our superior chile taste.

3. “Your breakfast burritos are better than Blake’s!”

Now THAT is high praise. No one — literally, almost no one — does breakfast burritos better than Blake’s.

4. “New Mexican food is so much better than Tex Mex.”

Duh, welcome to the club.

5. “You guys have the prettiest sunsets.”

Yes, and we damn well know it.

6. “Wow, so you never use your turn signal?”

To our ears, that comes out as “wow, you are such an excellent and safe driver that you never need to indicate turns and other drivers will simply move to accommodate you. I am so impressed with your skills.”

7. “Oh my god, is this real adobe?”

Bonus points if you also compliment our vigas and chile ristras.

8. “Your green chile is the spiciest I’ve ever had.”

*fans self* Well gosh, thank you, it’s just such an honor, I’d like to thank the Academy…

9. “Breaking Bad? Never seen it.”

Oh, you will be in our good graces forever with this one. We are CONSTANTLY being asked about Breaking Bad, and while we are happy that it did such a “good” job of promoting Duke City, there’s so much more here than just roof pizza and allegedly blue meth.

10. “But of course New Mexico is a part of the US!”

Just… marry us.

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