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11 Things You’ll Only Hear in Arizona

by Angela Orlando Apr 4, 2018

If you’ve ever spent some time in Arizona, you’re bound to have noticed that the locals have certain quirks. They have their own language, they can be snobs about mezcal and sunsets, and they have very unique addictions to things like hot sauce and black lights. But none of this should dissuade you from moving there, not even the odd things the Arizonans say on the daily. Here are eleven things you’ll only hear in the great state of Arizona:

1. “Let’s go party at the abandoned mine!”

2. “Another nice June — the highs only got into the low 110s!”

3. “I have to run down to Mexico to get my teeth cleaned and some antibiotics. I should be back in a couple hours, depending on the line.”

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4. “I woke up this morning and there was a snake on the floor. I had to get out the snake stick and move it. Just a baby rattler, but it reminded me to check the bite kit.”

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5. “I ordered you a prickly pear margarita. It’ll pair perfectly with your nopales chicharrones salad.”

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6. “My insurance canceled my policy because I had to get towed out of a flash flood… again.”

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7. “Did you put mesquite in this coffee? It’s delicious!”

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8. “Don’t feed the javelinas!”

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9. “The little white scorpions cause the most pain.”

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10. “Go Diamondbacks!”

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11. “Los Betos or Viva? Or do you just want to hit the corner stand?”

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