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11 Things Wisconsinites Find Important That the Rest of the World Doesn’t Care About

by Katie Hinkfuss Jun 5, 2018

It’s not that we think that Wisconsin is a superior state, but with a world-renowned sausage race, the happiest cows around, our own royalty and a castle to boot, we understand that it is hard to compete with us. Most might not share our enthusiasm for the power of cheese or the deep love we have for the Packers, but let’s be honest that’s not the end of the world. If everyone knew how incredible Wisconsin was, then it wouldn’t be so special. Here are some of the things Wisconsinites find important that the rest of the world couldn’t care less about.

1. Which state has the happiest cows?

A Golden State resident probably has no idea that we are still caught up on that one advertising campaign that happened that one time, but believe me it’s on our minds, constantly.

2. Everything green and gold = Packers.

When we see something green and gold, we automatically think it must be related to the Packers. We know deep down the universe is sending us a sign when we see a green and gold sign in a store window, a car, a garden…

3. Who wins the sausage race at Miller Park.

It’s a really big deal and not an easy decision — the classic brat or the newcomer Chorizo? And let’s not forget the other edible racers.

4. If you own a cheese head or not.

Calling it a ‘cheese hat’ will make us twitch a little. And no, we don’t look ridiculous, it’s a badge of honor.

5. If you can make it to the Dells this year.

There is definitely a hierarchy of water parks, but the Dells is the Dells.

6. Any reference made to Wisconsin in a movie or show.

We will never forget that the character Jack in Titanic is from Wisconsin, that the British dude goes to Milwaukee in Love Actually, and any other little mention of the dairy state. Even if we weren’t paying attention, our ears will perk right up and we will immediately start beaming with pride.

7. Creating controversy by mentioning “Brett Favre.”

Years may have gone by, but the wounds are still deep. Choosing what side you are on has literally made families stop speaking to each other and just a mere mention of the name is still bound to start an argument. Don’t even think about doing it at a Wisconsin Thanksgiving…

8. The epicness of Badger football games.

The SEC may have its pregame parties, but we know that no fans celebrate like Badger fans. From jumping in unison with 80,000 other fans to “Jump Around” in between the 3rd and 4th quarters to singing “Varsity” and “On Wisconsin” during the Fifth Quarter after the game. We don’t know why everyone is not jumping with us.

9. The size of the Allen-Bradley clock.

Milwaukee may not have the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace, but who cares? Our beloved “Polish Moon” is the second largest 4 faced clock in the world, according to most sources, bigger than Big Ben and has way fewer competing attractions to distract from its beauty!

10. We have our own royalty.

For over 70 years our state has been graced by the royal presence of Alice in Dairyland. She may not have as many followers on Instagram as the British Royal family, but they don’t get to make an annual appearance at the Wisconsin State Fair like she does and pose for cheese pictures.

11. And a castle, too.

Mars Cheese Castle is just a cheese store on the side of the highway, but for us, it’s still magical. With cheese so delicious, it’s worthy of any royal.

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