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18 Giveaways You’re From Arizona

by Angela Orlando Jan 8, 2018

1. You can pronounce any Spanish word properly and are at least a little bilingual.

2. You know the difference between a flauta and a taquito.

3. You wear cowboy boots as upscale footwear and flip-flops everywhere else.

4. You need a sweater when the temperature dips down to 70°.

5. You’re tanned in January.

6. You’re at the dog park in January.

7. You think a lake can be puddle-sized and that a mountain must be at least 3,000’ high or it’s just a hill.

8. You carry a gallon of water with you everywhere, and 5 more in your truck. And you keep oven mitts in the glove box.

9. You know the difference between types of cholla.

10. You don’t have a passport book because you only need the card.

11. You’ll park 1/2 mile from the mall for a shady spot.

12. You don’t blink when you see a golf cart or dune buggy driving down a city street.

13. You wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle but can’t imagine the law forcing you to.

14. You might not understand the point of Day of the Dead or its history but it’s an annual ritual you look forward to with great gusto.

15. You know your cardinal directions by which mountains are on the skyline.

16. You can differentiate between and explain at least three different cattle brands.

17. You crave Eegee’s all year long, and you desperately look forward to one particular flavor of the month. In fact, you’ve been in at least one loud argument about which monthly flavor is the best.

18. Daylight Savings Time befuddles you.

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