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19 Signs You Learned to Drink in New Mexico

New Mexico
by Zoe Baillargeon Jan 30, 2018

1. You know what 4 Loko is.

A guaranteed blackout in a can.

2. And more importantly, you’ve survived it.

You’re sure you had a great time, you just don’t remember it. It better have been great to make this hangover worth it.

3. You’re a bonafide margarita connoisseur.

New Mexican bartenders shake up some damn fine margaritas, and like a Pokemon master, you’ve tried them all!

4. You are also all about tequila.

SilverCoin! Orale!

5. Even though it’s touristy, you’d totally do the Margarita Trail in Santa Fe.

Crush that challenge like the crushed salt on the brim!

6. You have high standards when it comes to beer.

Your first beer was probably from a local brewery, and NM brewers make crazy good beer, especially pale ales and IPAs, so you are serious about your hops.

7. You’ve definitely gotten drunk at some random campsite in the mountains.

Or out on the prairie. Or in your friend’s mom’s Earthship in Taos.

8. You’re used to heading home by 1 am.

What, everything closes early here!

9. If you live in the north, your tolerance is way high.

Drinking at altitude FTW. Suck it, Denver.

10. Your hangover cure definitely has chile in it.

Burritos, posole, green chile stew, whatever works to stop the pounding in your head.

11. You know all the best late night spots to get greasy burritos and tacos.

Gotta soak up those margs.

12. Or, if you live in a town that shuts down at 9 o’clock, you are super good at making homemade nachos and laying on the floor eating tortillas til the room stops spinning.

13. You have multiple cab company numbers in your phone.

Those late night checkpoints and DWI stats are no joke, so you learned early on to never drive drink and drive. (Or you did but you knew you shouldn’t.)

14. It’s not a night on the town without a local band playing or a stop at a karaoke bar.


15. You love a good, backcountry dive bar.

16. Your idea of bar food is chips and salsa, chips and queso, and quesadillas.

17. Your idea of fancy booze is anything from Gruet.

18. You’ve had green chile wine.

It was… interesting.

19. Always shaken, never stirred.

Like I said, we love us some margs.

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