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20 Lies Every Arizonan Has Told

Arizona Culture
by Angela Orlando Aug 17, 2017

1. “You get used to the heat.”

2. “Of course, I know when you guys change your clocks.”

3. “I don’t know that much about tequila.”

4. “Great local Mexican restaurants? I’m not sure.” (Said to protect favorite local Mexican restaurant.)

5. “Snakes/scorpions/poisonous spiders/giant lizards don’t scare me.”

6. “Phoenix isn’t too bad now that they’re revitalizing it.”

7. “Yes! Please come visit — I can’t wait to take you to the Grand Canyon.”

8. “It’s always sunny and dry, and you never have to scrape your windshield.”

9. “Flagstaff is fixing the potholes next year.”

10. “Naw, I never go tubing on the Salt. Too crowded.”

11. “I just love Southern Californians – especially the way they drive.”

12. “My dog never got spines from a cactus and we had to take four hours to pull them out.”

13. “No, I don’t actually hike much. The desert is too boring.”

14. “I don’t pay attention to the drought. After all the Colorado River isn’t that far away. It has lots of water.”

15. “My friend’s friend’s friend is friends with Emma Stone.”

16. “My handicap on this golf course is 2.”

17. “I’m so glad you snowbirds are back!”

18. “It’s too bad the college students in Southern Arizona are so restrained – especially during football season.”

19. “Arizona is the next Silicon Valley. Any time now. You watch.”

20. “It’s not that hot. You should have been here last year. My friend and I actually fried an egg on the sidewalk.”

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