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30 Things You've Experienced if You're From California

by Hana Nobel Jul 28, 2017

1. You don’t own a winter coat and have to borrow one twice a year when you ski.

2. You have a standard In-N-Out order (Animal style) and get annoyed when the person in front of you takes a long time to order.

3. You can’t believe how many states there are on the East Coast and how many you can drive through in one day.

4. You’ve never seen a firefly.

5. You scoff at Mexican food anywhere else.

6. Earthquakes aren’t a big deal.

7. You’re familiar (and kind of okay with) CalExit. (After all, you have a lot of produce, national parks, beaches, cultural centers, and other resources to be pretty self-sustainable.)

8. You grew up with organic/free-range/non-GMO/gluten-free/vegan options on most menus.

9. You’ve gone skiing and to the beach in the same day.

10. You’re not experienced driving in rain.

11. At least one celebrity went to your high school.

12. You’ve taken a family vacation to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, or Legoland.

13. You’re disappointed by sunsets in most other places. (West Coast, best coast!)

14. You never had a “white Christmas”.

15. You didn’t see snow fall until you went and sought it out.

16. A “beach day” in February isn’t an exotic experience.

17. Wildfires are a part of life.

18. You pronounce the Spanish names of towns and streets correctly.

19. You’ve always composted and recycled at your house and are confused when other people don’t.

20. You know when to avoid Indio and Palms Springs during music festival season.

21. You have some strong feelings about the Oakland Raiders moving.

22. You grew up drinking green juice or wheatgrass shots.

23. Yoga classes started in pre-school.

24. You’ve taken a weekend trip to Mexico.

25. You are friends with at least 5 committed surfers.

26. At least 10 people you know drive a Prius.

27. You know what “hella” means, and you might even use it.

28. Prefacing highway numbers with “the” (like the 405, the 101, the 10) is normal.

29. You visit somewhere else and everything seems cheaper.

30. You use “Dude” as a gender-neutral term.

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