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6 Places to Learn to Dance in Mexico City

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by Odette Herrera May 27, 2017

MEXICO CITY has a vibrant dance culture which includes various indigenous traditions as well as classic dances from across Latin America and the Caribbean. If you love dancing, or simply want to learn something new and meet some of the most fun people in Mexico City, check out the following dance spots:

1. Escuela de baile Balderas

This dance school was founded more than sixty years ago in Acapulco and then extended to Mexico City where it has several locations. Every day of the week there are classes of all kinds of rhythms: salsa, salsa en línea, bachata, merengue, duranguense, danzón, cumbia texana, tango and rock & roll.

Address: different locations.

2. Salón de bailes Los Ángeles

The slogan of this mythical place reads like this: “Who does not know Los Angeles, does not know Mexico”. Exaggerated? Perhaps, but this place is a legend in the dancing scene of Mexico City. It has been operating for more than seven decades and its best moment was in the golden age of Mexican cinema when it was a big favorite of national celebrities like Cantinflas, María Félix, and Tin Tán. It is only open three days a week: on Mondays for lessons of “bailes de salón”; On Tuesdays to go dancing danzón, mambo, swing and cha cha cha; And on Sundays to dance Afro-Caribbean music.

Address: Lerdo #206, colonia Guerrero.

3. Mama Rumba

To learn Cuban salsa, nothing compares to Mama Rumba, a restaurant/bar/ballroom dedicated to this Latin rhythm. Although it has several locations, the one located in Roma neighborhood is probably the best — Every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM, they have dance lessons for every level.

Address: Querétaro #230, colonia Roma.

4. La Ciudadela

Every Saturday La Ciudadela square becomes a dance hall where all the rhythms and levels are welcome. It is not a school, there is no teacher, but you learn to dance. How? Well, that’s the place where true lovers of dancing gather, and that’s why you’ll be able to learn from very passionate people who dedicate their free time to move their bodies. All the magic starts at 11 AM.

Address: a few steps from Balderas subway station.

5. Parque México

The Condesa neighborhood is well known for hosting a large number of residents and international visitors, among which the Argentines stand out. That’s probably the reason why every Sunday, the famous Parque México hosts public milongas where lovers of Argentine tango come to show off their skills. The dance lessons and the milonga start at 5 PM and beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers enjoy together for some hours.

Address: Av. México and Michoacán, colonia Condesa.

6. La Nana, Fábrica de Creación e Innovación

This school is located where another of the most emblematic dance nightclubs of the city once was: Salón México. La Nana is an art school for children, young people, and adults, where you can learn to dance salsa, son jarocho, danzón and hip-hop.

Address: Segundo Callejón de San Juan de Dios #25, colonia Guerrero.

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