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7 Things Wisconsinites Are Total Snobs About

by Laura Tritt Nov 13, 2017

Wisconsinites have a reputation for exemplifying “Mid-Western Nice.” Generally speaking, we let very little get our goat and do our best to live by the Golden Rule. Without bragging, of course, because we are also a very modest bunch. That said, even the humblest of “Sconnies” will become excited about a handful of topics. If you find yourself in the Badger State and engaging on any one of these topics, tread those ice-covered plains carefully, my friend.

1. Ice fishing

Wisconsin being the state ranked second for ice-fishing popularity, you’ll meet very few anglers who know more about it than a Sconnie. Whether it’s about the best type of ice-shanty or how to have the most success with tip-ups, ice fishing is our thing — and we are proud of it.

2. Outsiders

Don’t get me wrong — we love everyone. We welcome visitors from all over the nation and world, with open arms and warm booyah pots. But whatever you do, don’t confuse us with the “UP’ers” — the people of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Minnesotans, or the FIB’s.

3. Any kind of snow machine

We have our Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris, and Ski-Doo groupies and haters — each claiming bragging rights to excelling at dusting the corners and proving it in state-wide ditches and trails all winter long.

4. Cold

We send our kids to their bus-stops in unrelenting and frigid winds, sometimes nearing -40 degrees. We ski, sled, ice-fish, ice-skate, BBQ, or even go for runs in similar conditions. So, we have very little tolerance for complaints about the cold. Grow some thick skin and buck up, buttercup!

5. Beer

Wisconsin, and Milwaukee in particular, has established a world-class reputation for its beer. Not only do we hold bragging rights to Miller, Schlitz, and Pabst, but we also enjoy introducing friends to our deliciously wide-variety of craft beers. From Leinenkugel, Stevens Point Brewery, and Central Waters, to O’so and New Glarus, we love talking our “crème ales” and “summer shandy” over an order of cheese curds.

6. The pronunciation of our cities and towns

We’d never admit it, but anyone who lives here at some point has had a difficult time pronouncing the name of certain cities. But we learned quickly, and now thoroughly enjoy poking fun at those who phonetically butcher the same — even if they are our own, professional athletes. I mean, c’mon! Who is incapable of pronouncing Oconomowoc, Mukwonago, Shawano, or Ashwaubenon right the first time?

7. Football

We love the Green Bay Packers to death and will defend their amazingness tooth and nails. They are the best team in the NFL and that’s all there is to say about it. We will also refuse to engage on the topic again until Aaron Rodgers returns.

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