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8 Things You Get Addicted to After Living in Wisconsin

by Laura Tritt Oct 16, 2017

1. Snow days

It is simply not acceptable to go an entire winter without at least a couple days off to play outside in the snow. But it’s a fine line — too many snow days will require that we make them up and steal from summer, and with what little summer we have, we’ll put the chains on the school bus tires to avoid that!

2. Brats (also known as “braaaaaaats” and definitely not “bratwurst” — it would be far too proper!)

If you have not taken the Brat Oath of Sheboygan, you’re not one of us.

3. Pulling tabs on Pull-tabs.

A night out isn’t considered complete unless you have calloused your fingers ripping open the infamous gambling tickets at your local townie bar. And no, your eyes aren’t blurry from consuming copious amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon, they are because you have been trying to decipher hundreds of tiny symbols in small perforated boxes.

4. Ice

Whether we are ice fishing, ice skating, ice boating, ice climbing, ice sledding, ice skiing, or plunging through auger-drilled holes into ice cold water to raise money for a good cause, we Sconnies like to turn one of nature’s harshest elements into a great source of entertainment.

5. Jamming to country music.

We live in what seems like one giant country music grandstand during the summer. From Country Fest and Country Jam to Hodag and Country USA to Country on the River and Country Thunder, you’ll feel the itch to throw on the cowboy hat, grab your Leininkuegels, and rally the gang for a festival.

6. Cranberries

If you don’t grab a twisty-tied bag of the local sweetened-dried variety when you swing into a gas station, you have not gone full Sconnie yet.

7. Tailgating

There is no way we would attend a sporting event or music concert without hanging out in a parking lot for a few hours before, grilling brats and drinking brewskis. Twenty below zero? Even better! Bring out the hot drinks and hand-warmers!

8. Recombobulating

Considering the fact that Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport offers a “Recombobulation Area” to those who have passed through security, there’s no other airport you’ll want to recombobulate in. Ever.

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