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8 Best Vancouver Cafes for Remote Working

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by Shaun Robertson May 29, 2017

OUR TOWN, my favorite café in Vancouver, recently closed its doors. I lost my second home and my go to “office.” Eight years ago, I waited in Our Town for the keys to my new home.

I’m thankful that Vancouver is coffee mad. There are wonderful coffee shops and cafés that are passionate about their craft — everywhere. Many are happy to serve as great temporary workstations. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

1. Prado Café — Various locations

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Photo: @thegirlinvancity via Prado

Prado is a relaxing place to get work done with a great cup of coffee at your side. You won’t find caramel-covered anything here, just wonderfully crafted 49th Parallel Coffee and simple but delicious eats. Try the vanilla latte and/or The Prado — poached egg served on a mint+ pea+avocado smash with arugula and prosciutto.

Prado’s Wi-Fi is fast and reliable — and the café — with three locations — is easy to find.

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2. Pallet Coffee Roasters Inc. — Various locations

Pallet Coffee Roasters Inc. The Kingsway Pallet is bright and open. Comfortable benches with individual tables make it easy to spend hours working. Pallet roasts its own coffee and the Baristas are friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoy their mixed berry scone when I’m hungry.

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3. 33 Acres Brewing Co. — Mount Pleasant

33 Acres is one of the best craft breweries in the city. On top of that, they have a state-of-the-art espresso machine. I’ve spent many a happy afternoon writing articles and sipping macchiatos before switching to beer and meeting up with friends after their workday. 33 Acres of Darkness is my favorite beer in the city and don’t forget your growler for takeaways!

33 Acres serves up some great food: Weekend brunches with featured waffles; Taco Thursday with a mariachi band, and you will find a different food truck parked out front each weekday.

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4. 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters — Various Locations

This coffee company supplies Prado and has their own outlets where they serve homemade doughnuts, such as PB&J Donuts and Apple Bacon Fritters. 49thParallel’s Mount Pleasant location has a patio perfect for summertime cram sessions paired with iced coffee, and 49th Parallel’s west 4th location is great for getting some work done before meeting friends at Kits Beach.

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5. Kafka’s Coffee & Tea — Main Street

Kafka’s, in Mount Pleasant, is a popular spot for digital workers. Their motto is, “We’re serious about coffee and not much else.” For coffee nerds, their brew methods include a syphon which looks like a science experiment gone right.

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6. Matchstick Coffee — Various locations

Matchstick is relatively new to the Vancouver coffee scene. They believe it’s best to take things slow and not rush the good things in life, hence in-house roasted beans and slow pour over coffee-making. It is a great place to take your time and work on that extra-long piece. I particularly enjoy Matchstick’s espresso and Americano. They serve wonderful and innovative poached egg creations, which make this café a favourite early morning spot for myself and digital workers in the city.

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7. Revolver — Gastown

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Photo: Revolver

What I really love about Revolver is its rotating offerings of coffee beans, the best beans from local roasters and beyond. Pair that with a long list of brewing methods, and each visit to Revolver is a new experience. If you can’t decide what to order, try their “one coffee three ways” or “three coffees one-way.”

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8. Le Marché St. George — Little mountain

I gravitate towards Le Marché St. George to escape the daily. What was once a corner store that sold individual cigarettes in the 50’s, today this 90+-year-old building is a half-boutique grocery store and half-café. With its quiet neighbourhood location and cozy outdoor seating, the French-family-owned Le Marché St. George could indeed be in a little town in France. Their lattes are enormous, making for a lasting afternoon of getting work done. Also, being owned and operated by a French family, their crepes and tourtieres are legit.

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