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8 Things Texans Won't Tell You About Their State

by Turner Wright Jul 7, 2017

1. We find flimsy excuses to cancel school and work

Texans definitely have this image of being big, tough, and strong, and are certainly no stranger to natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Under the right circumstances, however, we come off as a little fragile: one inch of snow and cities shut down.

2. Just how big Texas is

You wouldn’t believe us anyway. It’s not so much the fact that Texas is big, but that a lot of it – especially to the west — can seem empty. The irony is it was supposed to be even bigger; Texas encompassed what is now New Mexico until the Compromise of 1850.

3. Texas can’t legally secede…

All that rhetoric from Rick Perry and many others about Texas breaking apart from the United States, is just a lot of hot air. However, the Lone Star State does have the right — without federal approval — to divide its land into five separate states. Austin might approve.

4. You’re not allowed to sell your eyes

I can’t imagine why you would need cash that badly, but no one can legally sell his or her eyes in the Lone Star State. Besides, you need them to appreciate a Texas sunset.

5. Who won the 1981 NFC Championship Game

It’s still a sore point among Dallas Cowboys’ fans, just as it’s celebrated in San Francisco.

6. We were the last ones fighting the Civil War

Robert E. Lee may have officially surrendered in April 1865, but because they didn’t have email or texting in the 19th century, smaller skirmishes continued for some time. At the Battle of Palmito Ranch in May, Confederate and Union forces were aware of the surrender, but still chose to fight it out one last time. No surprise: Texas won.

7. The downfall of Galveston

The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 remains the worst natural disaster in US history, killing approximately 8000 people. Before this hurricane, Galveston was the largest port in the country and a huge source of wealth for Texas. It’s never completely recovered from that storm.

8. Weird common law marriage laws

If you’re looking for a wedding that’s even cheaper and easier than a weekend in Vegas, all you have to do is cross into Texas and publicly announce your marriage three times. As long as both sides are in agreement, over 18, and living together, you are legally married. I wonder what Beetlejuice would think of this?

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